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Welcome to Gallup Sun Stars! Our program that spotlights area businesses that care about the community and that want to share their story with our readers. These businesses have agreed to allow a reporter and photographer document the story of how they got started...

Students and staff say new building is a winner

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Rehoboth Christian School to hold April 27 open house

After years of planning, fundraising, and construction, the new Rehoboth High School building opened for students in August.

The Sun covered the groundbreaking and construction of the new building since the project began in May 2017.

Bob Ippel, executive director for Rehoboth High School, says that the finished building represents the dreams students and staff had for their school.

Members from Rehoboth High School spoke with the Sun April 5 about the new building and the improved student morale and performance.


Principal Chris Van Slooten talked about the new high school building, which is...

Rehoboth Christian School: New high school building nears completion

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A cutting edge campus for today’s modern student

Rehoboth Christian School invites students and parents to visit the campus,  and consider enrolling for the coming school year.

Executive director Bob Ippel said he has been with the school for more than 25 years and he has seen plenty of improvements in that time.

“I have been able to see a lot of growth, in terms of not only the number of kids that we’re serving, but also some really incredible facilities that we now have,” he said.

Twelve years ago, the school unveiled their new sports and fitness facility and middle school. This August, Rehoboth will unveil their new high school and complete the puzzle.

“It will...

Become better, faster, stronger

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At Gallup School of Strength

Workout buffs and couch potatoes alike at some point in time have come across weights with the built-in handle while shopping at big box and sporting goods retailers.

But, these weights, formally called “kettlebells,” are not a part of some new fitness fad. Kettlebell weights and training go back hundreds of years, according to Gallup School of Strength co-owner Greg McNeil. He said the word “kettlebell” was first noted in a Russian dictionary, compiled in the early 1700s.

Gallup School of Strength specializes in strength training, primarily centered on the use of the kettlebell. Depending on fitness level, students can engage in...