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Thursday, May 23rd

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Navajo youth participate in bike ride to promote drug and suicide prevention

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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz.– Approximately 60 Navajo youth from Dilkon and nearby communities participated in a five-day bike ride, beginning at Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort and ending in the capital of the Navajo Nation to promote methamphetamine and suicide prevention among Navajo youth.

The bike riders concluded their...

Southern Plains State Regional a success

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The 2015 Southern Plains State Regional in Gallup last weekend finished up on Saturday with just a problem or two, but overall it was a success.

One of the problems was the seasonal rain (I refuse to call it a monsoon, since I know the real meaning of the word) on Thursday. Kudos and lots of thanks to the City Parks’ workers for jumping on the problem early and doing a great job in preparing the fields for more action. Well, there was a two-hour delay in the morning and another delay in the afternoon, but putting an hour and 45 minute time limit on the games took care of the rest of that problem and the first round was done by about 9:30.

The only other problem was caused by...

U-ll Sundevils take Global World Series

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Three events happened last week – two were related – and all provided venues of excitement and positive thoughts.

The GABSA (Gallup Amateur Baseball Softball Association) finished the city tournaments started last Saturday. All of the winners except three will be moving on to state playoffs, though one of those age-bracket tournament may yet be played if rescheduled in time.

Those three winners that will not move on are the Sandy Koufax Yankees, whose tournament was cancelled in Las Cruces. It is not known at this time if it will be re-scheduled. Another winner is the Willie Mays Dodgers, who won their division from a fourth seed. Their manager was unable to take the time off his...

GABSA City Champions

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Red Rock Motor Sports Club finishers

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Steve Daugherty – First, over 30 A & B, Gallup; Ryan Roper – Second, over 30 C, Crownpoint; Charles Tafoya – Third, over 30 C, Gallup; Mario Romero – Second, Quad A, Gallup; Benjamin Harvey – Third, Quad A, Gallup; Justin Hicks – Second, Quad C, Continental Divide; Douglas Perry – Third, 65cc (10-11 years old), Crownpoint; Notah Silversmith – Third, 450 Open, Twin Lakes; Ryan Roper – Fifth, 450 Open, Crownpoint; Dillon Martinez – Fourth, Quad B, Gallup; Ray Palacios, Jr.  – Fifth, Quad B, Gallup; Steve Daugherty – First, Over 40 A & B, Gallup; Barnard Cowboy – Third, Over 40 C, Crownpoint; Dameon Silva – Second, Over 40 C, Gallup...

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