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Real Coaches Make a Difference

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There are those in the world of athletics who believe in the axiom of players making the difference in the outcome of any sporting endeavor, but there is the opposite belief as well. Real coaches – the one we don’t often hear about because of our desire to elevate one individual over another – do and will make a...

Season Opener: Miyamura Patriots Blast Moriarty

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Local teams battle it out

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Dylan Vargas Opens His Own Martial Arts Academy

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There’s a new home-grown business in Gallup, but with a name most residents will know well.

Miyamura High School freshman Dylan Vargas will be operating his own Martial Arts Academy, and training the students who come to him. The Second-degree black belt has been certified by the World Tae Kwan Do headquarters in Seoul, South Korea to teach, and spent last year training some of the students at Sacred Heart School. He took four of them to the Grand International Championships in Albuquerque last year and all brought home awards and trophies, testifying to his ability to teach.

Training for 11 years – and bringing home 757 trophies, including 55 World Championships, over 50...

Around and Around They Go!

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Over 200 racers competed Aug. 16-17 in the Webe (pronounced We-be) Racing Circuit’s first event in Gallup, and the overall reaction was a positive one for the OHV MX course in the Heaton Valley and for the city as well.

“It was a success for the first year on a new course,” said Webe Racing’s Hare Scramble organizer Brett Craig. “We had riders from a five-state area and we’ve put Gallup on our list for next year. Right now we are pretty sure we want to come back. Greg Kirk of Red Rock Motor Sports made this enjoyable for everyone.”

Webe holds nine races a year at seven locations in three states, and judging by the reactions of most of the riders, this...

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