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Three middle-schools vying for ‘dough’ in ‘Pennies for Pizza’ charity drive

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Imagine being able to duct tape your middle school principal to a wall. Would you do it, especially if all it took was some loose change? Well, students at Chief Manuelito Middle School are competing for that rare opportunity as they participate in a month-long charity drive called, “Pennies for Pizzas,” to help...

Locals converge on Santa Fe

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SANTA FE – The annual Gallup-McKinley Day at the Roundhouse is described by locals as a time when area folks get to introduce a piece of Gallup culture to the state legislature.

Those that attended the daylong affair on Jan. 28, started by Rep. Patricia Lundstrom, D-Gallup, not long after she was first elected to the N.M. House of Representatives in 2001, did just that. The agenda consisted of House and Senate people recognitions by Lundstrom, Rep. Wonda Johnson, D-Church Rock, Rep. Eliseo Alcon, D-Milan, and Sen. George Munoz, D-Gallup.

“It’s always a good time of the year as far as letting people know a lot about the city and McKinley County,” Munoz, elected in 2009, and a...

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies feels a bit stiff

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Rating: «« out of 4 Stars

Running Time: 108 min.

At this point, we’ve seen more takes on the famous and enormously popular Jane Austen novel than probably any of us can count. At least the latest adaptation does throw in a new and unexpected element into the mix - the undead. Yet, while Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has its moments, the movie is afraid to take any liberties or poke fun at its source material. It’s well mounted but feels a bit stiff and doesn’t go far enough to maximize the outrageous potential the material possesses.

Elizabeth Bennet (Lily James) is a young woman living with her parents and sisters. Concerned for the future of the family, their mother...


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Holly is a beautiful, and fluffy, spayed female cat. As you can see, she loves her neck scratched and is looking for a soul mate that will pamper her.


Meet mezmerizing Milo! He’s a neutered boy and loves being showered with attention. He’s looking for that life long pal that he can snuggle up with at the end of a long day.

Hurry in, there’s a special on adult felines. Only $14! You can make your love connection thru Feb. 15.

Visit and adopt one of these deserving furry friends at Gallup-McKinley County Humane Society: 1315 Hamilton Rd #B, Gallup, NM. Information: (505) 863-2616.

‘Teacher of the Month’ follows in her mom’s teaching footsteps

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Fourth grade teacher Elna Go, of Red Rock Elementary School, knew her calling to become a teacher at a young age because she watched her mother teach first graders at the same public school she was attending.

Go, nominated for this month’s Camille’s Sidewalk Café, “Teacher of the Month,” describes her mom as being dedicated and sincere as a teacher. She calls her a role model. And she admires her mom the most for helping her students by feeding and clothing them.

With her mom always on her mind, Go is embarking on a similar journey. Originally from a southern island in the Philippines, called Mindanao, Go and her family arrived in the United States in 2004 and resided in...

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