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Fourth Annual Doin’ Dylan Tribute Concert will be virtual

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Based on a myth that Bob Dylan spent his childhood in Gallup, the town claims and celebrates him as one of its own, this year via Zoom.

This is the fourth year Gallup will celebrate the folk/rock troubadour’s music and poetry with a concert featuring local and regional musicians.

The June 21 concert line-up...

Quintana’s Music Center reopens

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Expands In-store, online offerings

Quintana’s has re-opened to in-store shopping as of June 1.

Co-owner Rhonda Quintana said it has been challenging to pivot, but the store wants to be accessible to music lovers and performers.

“We are working hard to get our products online, get music lessons safely up and running, and are taking proactive in-store measures to ensure that we are exceeding the state-mandated requirements in order to provide a safe shopping experience,” she said.

The store has recently added a large selection of vinyl records and photographs and music lessons will start again in July.

A new mural featuring musical acts across decades now graces the store...

Original techniques help ‘7500’ build, sustain tension

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Rating: ««« out of ««««

Running Time: 94 minutes

This feature from Amazon Prime will be available to stream on June 19.

Movies featuring airline hijackings and terrorist attacks are nothing new, having been the inspiration for countless titles since the disaster genre rose to prominence in the 1970s. Some of these movies qualify as silly and exaggerated action fare, while others have attempted to keep the tone as realistic and authentic as possible. 7500 certainly follows the latter approach. It also attempts to add an interesting wrinkle to the genre, using a new and unique perspective to depict a terrifying situation.

After a montage of airport security footage, we are...

Blu-ray/DVD Roundup for June 19, 2020

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Welcome back to another look at all the highlights arriving on Blu-ray and DVD. Here’s a taste of some of the choices available to you at home. So, since you likely can’t make it out to the movies this week, you can give one of these titles a try!



KILL MODE: After a lethal and contagious virus spreads around the world, a powerful pharmaceutical company claims to have developed a treatment. When they decide to charge an exorbitant price for it, the world falls into poverty and chaos. Convinced that the drug company created the virus to take control of the world, a rebel force decides to find their own cure, fight back and take down the big...

‘Space Force’ provides a few laughs, but feels toothless

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Rating: «« out of ««««

Running Time: 10 episodes (27 – 36 minutes each)

This series is currently airing on Netflix.

Netflix has pulled out comedy’s biggest guns with the new series Space Force. Executive producer Greg Daniels is also responsible for King of the Hill, the U.S. version of The Office, as well as Parks and Recreation and other hit shows. The show also has an intriguing concept and fantastic comic performers, leading one to imagine that the end result might be incredible. Space Force does provide a decent number of laughs and will provide some entertainment value, but the launch isn’t quite as spectacular as hoped for.

The show is based around a fictional...

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