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Madame G guide to the stars WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 29

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Mercury enters Libra on September 29 and will remain there until Oct. 17. Libra’s influence on anything will incorporate balance and justice. You may find yourself flip-flopping on your ideas and this might just be progress. Madame G suggests you take time to reflect and evaluate your ideas. Be your own worst critic and dig...

The Fire Down Below

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There are some truths that are difficult to hear because they test the heart and shake the very foundation upon which our lives are built.

The doctor does not heal the patient. Patients heal themselves. What? Patients heal themselves.

Let me provide an example.  When a person goes to urgent care or the emergency room with a 104 degree temperature, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, persistent cough or stuffy nose the doctor most likely gives a diagnosis of the flu. The prescription given by the doctor will mostly be composed of antibiotics, pain killers (if needed) and probably a cough suppressant.  Antibiotics, pain killers and cough suppressants don’t cure the flu, but they treat...

Madame G guide to the starsWEEK OF SEPTEMBER 22

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The Sun marches into Libra on Saturday. Happy Birthday to the peacemakers! Achieving balance will be your goal this cycle. There is always a delicate balance. Madame G suggests you consider the “shadow” aspects of the sign. Justice is blind, but human beings possess compassion. Weigh out your options carefully, but don’t get stuck in the muck. Good luck!

Aries (March 21-April 19)

You have a knack for balancing. Great job! While you’re prone to perfection, no one is truly perfect—not even you. Get out of your own head. Do something extraordinary for your significant other. You don’t need to charter a plane to Paris. Just be surprising. Do the chore they hate the most...

Landscape business puts down roots with help from Accion

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Before Oscar Apodaca talked to Accion, his Santa Fe tree service business was struggling like so many entrepreneurial enterprises that lack access to capital.

Oscar and his wife, Charito, started their full-service landscape business on Rufina Street in 2008 after Oscar left his job at a local nursery. Their dream was to turn his landscaping gigs into a full-time business with a permanent home rather than running the venture from a roadside trailer.

A few years later, Oscar’s Tree Service was renting a storefront and expanding the retail arm of their landscape service. When the Rufina Street property was offered for sale in 2016, the Sinaloa, Mexico natives jumped at the chance to...

Arizona, NM Catholic Bishops’ statement on DACA

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In light of increased tensions and speculation over the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program, the Catholic Bishops of Arizona and New Mexico want to reiterate our strong and unwavering support for DACA youth so they do not have to live in fear of deportation. These young people entered our country as children and should have the opportunity to remain in our country to be educated here and to have opportunities to exercise their gifts for the enhancement of our nation.

Presently, DACA protects nearly 800,000 of these young people, while allowing them to live and work in our country without fear of deportation. Through DACA they have furthered their education...

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