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Letter to the editor: Vote out Democrats

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I often disagree with Grants Mayor Mody Hicks, but in this case I think he is right by trying to open Grants, and firing the city manager.

I wrote a letter some years back after Laura Jaramillo fired several employees one of which was my step daughter who was doing the city government grants, after she refused to train Don...

Letter to the Editor: In support of wearing a mask

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Why doesn’t the Mayor put forth a mandatory mask requirement, it would actually be very easy to enforce. My sister lives back east, where you are not allowed into any store without a mask. No mask, No service.  There are still too many people in Gallup in high traffic areas, such as Wal-Mart, irresponsibly not wearing masks.

They probably won’t wear a mask either, unless they are enforced to do so. I also believe that our Police department is already taxed with more important issues. So what we need is for the Mayor to put into effect an ordinance that states that stores that wish to remain open cannot let anyone in without a mask. Rather than trying to police who’s wearing a mask...

COVID-19 Observations

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When you review the chart developed with data from “worldometers.info/coronavirus/” first remember this chart is dated as of:  April 29, 2020 at 12 noon.  It is interesting when you look at the data, you will note:

[1] Worldwide there 3,174,134 cases with 220,446 deaths for a death rate of 6.9% which means 93.1% live. Also, if you look at the total world population of 7,773,595,500 people and calculate the death rate based on the world population it is far less than 1% at 0.0028%. So, comparing this to other well-known past pandemics - Spanish Flu from 1918 - 1919 had a death rate worldwide of 2.8% and if you calculate the death rate base on number of cases it was 9 to 11%. For...

Letter to the Editor: America must get back to work, never become a Socialist country

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As  socialist democrats move us closer to socialism and many Americans are out of work, Congresswoman Torres-Small is silent and stays at home and continues to collect a paycheck.  Why is she not traveling throughout the district and pressuring the governor to help New Mexicans get back to work? In return for her silence and votes, she has received over 3 million dollars including large campaign contributions from lobbyists and out of state billionaires who want to take away our freedoms and change America from the ”Land of the Free” to “America, land of socialism and the deep state”.

Today, we see more and more irrational behavior by many socialist democrats, driven by their...

Letter to the Editor: Overflow hospital needs community support and help

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The new COVID-19 overflow hospital at Miyamura HS has been constructed in record time.  In record time the National Guard together with local health officials have turned a gym into a 60-bed overflow COVID-19 patient care center. And we can all be grateful. They will be needing some supplies that we can provide. A website has been set up and we can all help.  The website page is: https://acfmiyamura.wordpress.com/

The plan is for community members to sign up on the page and as needs arise, the hospital staff will post it, and this will be automatically emailed to those of us who have signed up. For example at the time of this writing, they will need sixty serving trays for patient...

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