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The film industry is the spark plug for New Mexico’s economic recovery

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New Mexico’s film industry is uniquely poised for rapid growth, and can serve as the spark plug to re-ignite our COVID-battered economy.  The sad truth is that even before COVID, our state ranked at or near the bottom of the nation in areas from education to child poverty.  We need to not just recover, but to leap to a...

New Mexico is on track to have the weakest methane emissions regulations in the nation

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Laguna Pueblo Gov. Wilfred Herrera, Jr., urges the state to strengthen its proposed air quality rules

The well-being of the natural world is central to the identity of the people of the Pueblo of Laguna and tribal people throughout New Mexico. Our ancestors came to Laguna generations ago when drought forced them to migrate from the Four Corners area. As we struggle with severe drought again today, connected to human-caused climate change, nothing is more important than protecting our climate, our air, our water, and our people.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, D, has our complete support for her efforts to make New Mexico a national leader in combating oil and gas pollution. Now, we...

Report: N.M. can improve racial equity with targeted tax policies

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ALBUQUERQUE — Many of our state and nation’s systemic racial inequities are the result of public policies that benefit some groups while disadvantaging others. Such policy is even found in our tax codes. But by changing them, New Mexico can begin to build a more equitable future. That’s the main message in a new report issued by New Mexico Voices for Children.

The report, Tax Policy: A Powerful Tool to Advance Racial Equity in New Mexico, looks at some of the public policies that created and continue to maintain systemic racism, while including recommendations for building a more equitable tax code.

“When people think of systemic racism, tax policy is probably not the first...

New Mexicans count on Civil Legal Services now more than ever during pandemic

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The Governor has announced a new series of actions to keep us safe from COVID-19. While some businesses are waiting out the storm, others have had to close permanently, or severely curtail operations, throwing thousands of people out of work, perhaps for a lengthy period. Often, the people hurting the most are the lower income workers, the restaurant, motel, retail workers who live paycheck to paycheck.

For these people, a storm is coming. And Civil Legal Services will be there to help. Even as the virus subsides, economic consequences of the pandemic will remain for many New Mexicans.

The storm is approaching. There can be no doubt about that. According to a study by the U.S. Census...

Child advocates respond to revenue estimates

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“New Mexico Voices for Children is cautiously optimistic about the revenue estimates released today [Dec. 8]. Given that 70 percent of the estimated decline in revenue for the current fiscal year can be attributed to the drop in oil and gas prices, it is clear that New Mexico needs to stabilize its revenue streams.

“While the revenue estimates tell us how much money is expected to be available, they do not tell us how much money is needed for New Mexico to prosper – money to boost our economy, provide rocket fuel for our K-12 moonshot, keep the promise of Opportunity Scholarships for higher education, finally achieve universal early care and education, and shore up our health...

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