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Embattled RMCHCS CEO ousted

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The Board of Trustees of Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services announced the termination of Chief Executive Officer David Conejo in a press release June 11.  Conejo’s firing is effective immediately. The Board also severed ties with his company, Healthcare Integrity.

Conejo was facing issues on many fronts...

Alcohol sale ban overturned by city council

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In April, the Gallup City Council adopted an ordinance banning the sale of alcoholic beverages at convenience stores because they were concerned people were going into the stores, purchasing the product, then sharing it with others, and in so doing putting multiple people at increased risk for COVID-19.

“We really didn’t have any system in place at the time to deal with isolating and quarantining homeless individuals who had been exposed to or tested positive for COVID when we adopted the ordinance,” City Attorney Curtis Hayes said. “Now we have resources to deal with that population.”

The ban of alcohol sales in convenience stores was uncharted legal territory, Hayes...

County commissioners vote against fireworks restrictions

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The McKinley County Board of Commissioners revisited a potential ban on the sale of certain fireworks ahead of the summer during a June 8 special meeting. The item had previously been tabled to gather public comment and to await updated drought conditions.

Deputy Fire Chief Richard Austin called into the meeting to speak about the item.

“The vast majority of McKinley County is under severe drought conditions,” Austin said, referencing the latest drought monitor maps that were released June 4.

Those maps show the county is abnormally dry. These conditions have been the same for about three weeks.

County Manager Anthony Dimas Jr. read one of the comments the board received from...

School board recognizes recipients of Student Achievement Awards

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The Gallup-McKinley County Schools Board of Education recognized staff who received Student Achievement Awards from the New Mexico School Board Association during their June 1 meeting.

This award program seeks to promote student achievement in school districts and assist local school boards in recognizing school leaders, staff and other individuals who have played an important role in improving student achievement at the local level, according to their website.

Priscilla Manuelito serves on the Board of Directors and provides leadership and oversight for the Gallup-McKinley County district of NMSBA.

“We have advocated for continuing to recognize individuals in our school and...

Two men dead after police pursuit

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Two men in a Dodge truck with a firearm died in a crash after being pursued by New Mexico State Police and Gallup police at 11:55 pm June 5.

Law enforcement was alerted by a call that the men were seen with a firearm at the Redwood Lodge Motel in Gallup.

When police got to the parking lot of the motel, the driver of the truck was circling the lot and nearly hit their car. Then the truck turned onto N.M. State Road 118 and a chase began.

As the police got closer to the truck, the driver turned the headlights on and off and steered the Dodge into traffic coming toward it. Then the Dodge entered Interstate 40, going eastbound at mile marker 16.

The passenger began throwing objects at...

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