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Jan. 29, Friday

GHS BBB vs. Farmington, 7

MHS BBB @ Aztec, 7

WHS GBB vs, Thoreau, 4

Jan. 30, Saturday

MHS GBB vs. Aztec, 7

RCHS BBB @ Tohatchi, 1

ToHS BBB vs. Rehoboth, 1

ToHS GBB @ Newcomb, 4

WHS BBB @ Thoreau, 3

Feb. 2, Tuesday

GHS BBB vs. Miyamura, 7

MHS BBB @ Gallup, 7

RCHS BBB @ Navajo Prep, 6:30


Just an all-around student/athlete

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Once you’ve wrestled, everything else is easy. Dan Gable, 1972 Summer U.S. Olympic Gold Medal winner in wrestling.

A.J. (the first initial stands for Alias and is pronounced A li’ as,  not A’ lee as, and the second initial is for James) Starkovich has a combination of unusual names that puts him slightly above average. He’s even better known, especially at Miyamura High School as a fun-loving, hard-working, and intelligent student and athlete. Just the last two qualities are hard to find anymore - that elusive student/athlete bit - especially at the level where A.J. is happiest in competing.

In his final year of high school, the young Starkovich has lived a full...

Despite the bad, there’s a lot of good kids in the Gallup area

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If you’ve never taken the time to attempt to see the good – and the good people – in Gallup, then maybe you deserve to be depressed. The good is out there if you will only open your eyes!

Maybe I have an unfair advantage as sports writer, but I do see young boys and girls working hard every day to make a better life for themselves. They are not all athletes; some use their natural intelligence, which will in the long run provide them with a longer span to show their abilities.

Starting with this issue, The Gallup Sun will be providing profiles on as many of these high school students as possible, at least one every week. The stories will be uplifting and will also demonstrate...


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Jan. 14, Thursday

MHS BBB 41 vs. Valencia 49

RCHS BBB 52 @ Academy for Technology 33

RCHS GBB 43 @ Wingate 82

ToHS GBB 75 @ Zuni 39

Jan. 15, Friday

GHS BBB 54 Albuquerque Academy 37

GHS GBB 97 vs. Grants 60

MHS BBB 85 @ Espanola Valley 60

RCHS BBB 38 @ Santa Rosa 65

RCHS GBB 39 vs. Ramah 59

Jan. 16, Saturday

MHS BBB 43 @ Los Alamos 47


RCHS BBB 46 @ Estancia 68, Santa Rosa Tourney

ToHS GBB 84 @ Wingate 65

Jan. 18, Monday

MHS GBB 40 vs Robertson 54

Jan. 19, Tuesday

MHS BBB 19 @ Farmington 67

ToHS BBB 52 vs. Navajo Prep 54

WHS GBB 52 @ Bloomfield 74

Jan. 20, Wednesday

RCHS GBB @ Crownpoint (Late Game)

Jan. 21, Thursday

GHS BBB vs...


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Jan. 22, Friday

GHS BBB vs. Piedra Vista, 7

RCHS BBB @ Newcomb, 4

ToHS BBB @ Crownpoint, 4

WHS GBB @ Zuni, 4

Jan. 23, Saturday

GHS GBB @ Piedra Vista, 7

GHS WRST @ Leonard Kirby Invite, Belen, TBA

MHS GBB vs Albuquerque High, 7

MHS WRST @ Leonard Kirby Invite, Belen, TBA

RCHS BBB vs. N. American Community Academy, 4:30

RCHS GBB vs. N. American Community Academy, 4:30

ToHS GBB vs. Crownpoint, 1

WHS BBB vs. Zuni, 3

Jan. 25, Monday

GHS GBB vs. West Mesa, 5:30

MHS GBB vs. Highland, 2

ToHS BBB vs. Shiprock, 7

Jan. 26, Tuesday

GHS BBB @ Aztec, 7

MHS BBB @ Piedra Vista, 7

RCHS BBB @ Navajo Pine, 5

RCHS GBB @ Tohatchi, 6:30

ToHS vs. Rehoboth, 6:30

WHS GBB @ Kirtland...

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