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Gallup High honors 2011 girls b-ball team

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The night of Feb. 4 was a special one for the Gallup girls’ basketball program.  Coach Turner welcomed back players from the 2011 team to honor their achievements and induct Justina Prairie Chief into the Gallup Hall of Fame.

She became the first player to receive this honor, which was previously reserved for...

Local teams struggle at ‘District Duals Round Robin’

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As confusing as the terminology in wrestling are the end-of-season meets. The District Duals Round Robin at Gallup High on Feb. 6 only decided the best team of the five in 1-5A, which is Piedra Vista.

The use of the word “Duals” is a little misleading as each of the five competed against the other four in the daylong process. The meet on Feb. 13 in Farmington will decide which individuals will go on to the state tournament the following weekend.

But it was fun to watch these young warriors of all sizes in one-on-one contact with others of the same build as they maneuvered, grasped, grunted and grappled for the best position possible, trying to avoid the takedown, or...


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Feb. 2, Tuesday

RCHS BBB 46, Navajo Prep 50

WHS GBB 44, Shiprock 74

Feb. 3, Wednesday

GHS WRST vs. Grants, 4 – NO RESULTS

RCHS GBB 54, Crownpoint 59

Feb. 4, Thursday

GHS GBB 68, Miyamura 33

MHS GBB 33, Gallup 68

RCHS BBB vs. To’hajiilee - Postponed

WHS BBB 64, Shiprock 66

Feb. 5, Friday

MHS BBB 41, Farmington 77

RCHS GBB 37, Navajo Prep 40

ToHS BBB 61, Navajo Prep 52

WHS GBB 41, Bloomfield 64

Feb. 6, Saturday

GHS WRST @ Dist. 1-5A No individual records available. GHS finished fifth in this team meet.

MHS WRST @ Dist. 1-5A AJ Starkovich and Gabe Duckett both posted 5-0 records in this team meet. MHS finished fourth.

MHS GBB 46, Farmington 66

RCHS BBB 39, Crownpoint...


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Feb. 12, Friday

GHS BBB vs. Aztec, 7

MHS BBB @ Piedra Vista, 7

WHS GBB vs. Kirtland Central, 7

WHS WRST @ 1-4A Individual Qualifier, 3

Feb. 13, Saturday

GHS GBB @ Aztec, 7

GHS WRST @ Individual Qualifier, TBA

MHS GBB @ Piedra Vista, 7

MHS WRST @ Individual Qualifier, TBA

ToHS GBB @ Crownpoint, 1

WHS BBB @ Kirtland Central, 3

Feb. 16, Tuesday

GHS BBB @ Farmington, 7

MHS BBB vs. Aztec, 5:30

RCHS BBB vs. Tohatchi, 6:30

RCHS GBB @ Newcomb, 6:30

ToHS BBB @ Rehoboth, 6:30

WHS GBB @ Thoreau, 7

Feb. 18, Thursday

GHS GBB vs. Farmington, 7

MHS GBB @ Aztec, 7

RCHS BBB vs. Navajo Prep, 6:30

WHS BBB vs. Thoreau, 7

Feb. 19, Friday

GHS BBB vs. Miyamura, 7

GHS WRST @ State...

Bengal Ladies putting up big numbers, and wins

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This year’s edition of the Bengal Ladies’ Basketball Team is doing what is expected of them by coach Kamau Turner and the fans that follow them everywhere. Girls’ basketball in New Mexico has been growing in popularity, especially in the Four Corners area, where Gallup, Shiprock, Kirtland, Ramah and others within this geographic region have brought home the coveted Championship titles in almost all of the last 20-30 years. And the faithful fans follow the teams.

Dan Salzwedel, the former head of the NMAA, once remarked to this reporter that if he had a wish it would be that every state basketball tournament, boys and girls, be populated as much as possible by all high schools...

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