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Libertarian makes 2020 General Election ballot

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ALBUQUERQUE — District Court Judge James O. Browning ordered Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver to place the name of Stephen Curtis on the General Election ballot. Curtis is running for Position 2, Court of Appeals. Judge Browning found on Aug. 17 that Curtis “surpassed the threshold of 230 votes for a write-in...

NM Supreme Court: State has authority to limit indoor dining

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Once again, the state Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of the state when it came to upholding and enforcing the state public health order, this time saying not only does the state Department of Health have the authority to close or restrict indoor dining at restaurants, but that their decision to do so was not arbitrary and capricious, as argued by some restaurants.

“It is the policy of courts to uphold regulations intended to protect public health unless it is plain they have no real relation to the object to which they were enacted,” Justice Judith Nakamura said in announcing the decision.

Citing a 1939 decision, State v. Old Abe, Nakamura said, “Only agency action that...

Voting in McKinley County

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How will it work?

If the idea of voting in the 2020 Presidential Election has you flustered, Marlene Custer has answers that will help.

Custer, the director of the McKinley County Board of Elections says there are several options for voters in this election.

People concerned about standing in lines in the COVID-19 pandemic can use the mail-in option, which she also calls an absentee ballot.

“There’s only one ballot and they are tabulated the same way,” Custer told the Gallup Sun Aug. 18 “unless you are voting in person.”

Custer says people will be able to vote in person, if they choose. They can go to their regular voting locations to cast their ballots, and will also...

Navajo Nation makes progress in positive case numbers

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The Navajo Department of Health, in coordination with the Navajo Epidemiology Center and the Navajo Area Indian Health Service, reported 41 new COVID-19 positive cases for the Navajo Nation and seven more deaths on July 29.

The total number of deaths has reached 453. Reports indicate that 6,622 individuals have recovered from COVID-19. In total, 79,583 people have been tested for COVID-19. The total number of COVID-19 positive cases for the Navajo Nation is 8,968.

The total count of Navajo Nation COVID-19 positive cases by Service Unit:

Chinle Service Unit: 2,206

Crownpoint Service Unit: 757

Ft. Defiance Service Unit: 647

Gallup Service Unit: 1,468

Kayenta Service Unit...

Agencies renew partnership to protect against livestock predators

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — The Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management  and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service-Wildlife Services  renewed their partnership for alleviating human-wildlife conflicts on BLM-administered public lands July 29. An updated Memorandum of Understanding clarifies respective roles and responsibilities for wildlife damage management and reducing predation on livestock across more than 245 million acres of public lands, mostly in the West and Alaska. The MOU will remain in effect for five years and replaces the previous agreement, signed in 2012.

“Under the Trump Administration, the BLM has...

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