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NM special ed funding issues run deep

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As a report from the New Mexico State Auditor’s Office reaffirmed, New Mexico has had serious problems with funding special education in recent years.

But the state’s ongoing struggles with special education go deeper than the audit, which found the state underfunded the program by $110 million from...

City Council Round-Up

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The regular City Council meeting on Sept. 8 was smoothly handled by the mayor and councilors, with no feathers ruffled on either side. That doesn’t mean it was boring though, as agreements were reached on several important items.

Street closures on Coal Avenue from 9th to 1st Streets - Sept. 18 for Miyamura High and Sept. 23 for Gallup High – for homecoming parades were quickly approved. Miyamura will begin their parade at 4 pm while Gallup High will start theirs at 4:15pm, respectively.

Another street closure request was made by the Gallup Film Festival 2015 of Coal Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Streets will last from 4 am Sept. 19 until 5 pm Sept. 20. This approval is...

Erin Brockovich visits the Navajo Nation

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SHIPROCK—Famed environmentalist Erin Brockovich visited the Navajo Nation Sept. 8, to see firsthand the damages caused by the Gold King Mine spill on Aug. 5.

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez met with Brockovich in Shiprock, at the hogan of Perry Begaye, to provide a briefing on the water contamination.

Chapter officials, community health representatives, Navajo Abandoned Mine Land staffers and tribal employees were also present for the report.

Brockovich said the plight of water contamination is being played out across the country and commended the efforts of Begaye and Nez to stand up to the US EPA.

“You are standing strong for your land...

Navajo EPA director testifies before congress

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Washington, DC – Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Administration Executive Director, Dr. Donald Benn, testified before the United States House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Sept. 9.

Benn’s address was in regards to the Gold King Mine Spill.

Among other issues, he discussed the devastating effects of the chemical spill on the Navajo Nation and called for greater support from the Federal Government to address the crisis.

“The Navajo Nation’s impacts are felt most in the disruption of our cultural principle of hozho, which encompasses beauty, order, and harmony, and expresses the idea of striving to maintain balance in the Navajo universe,” he said. “The...

Panel considers Duran’s impeachment

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Santa Fe—The leader of the House of Representatives named 10 members to a panel that will look into the possible impeachment of Secretary of State Dianna Duran.

Speaker of the House Don Tripp, R-Socorro, named five Democrats and five Republicans to the panel tasked with examining evidence against Duran with serious consequences.

Duran is facing possible impeachment, which in turn could lead to removal from office, for allegations that she moved campaign funds into personal accounts. The 64 charges from Attorney General Hector Balderas were filed in late August. The leader of the House of Representatives named ten members to a panel that will look into the possible impeachment of...

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