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The Predator is assisted by its entertaining cast

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Rating: «« out of ««««

Running Time: 107 minutes

Some 31 years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in one of his greatest and most iconic films, Predator. Two sequels have followed since that time, along with a pair of tie-ins featuring the titular beasts. None of them featured its heavyweight star, and none of them...

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for Sept. 14, 2018

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Once again, it’s time for another look at highlights coming your way on Blu-ray and DVD. There are plenty of interesting releases arriving, including a huge box-office hit. So if you can’t make it out to the movies this week, be sure to give one of these titles a try!

Big New Releases!

Filmworker - Stanley Kubrick is considered one of cinema’s greatest creators. This documentary goes behind the scenes to give credit to the filmmaker’s right-hand man, Leon Vitali. After playing the role of Lord Bullingdon in Barry Lyndon, Vitali gave up his acting career to assist the director, working together for decades until Kubrick’s passing. The movie chronicles their relationship...

Wise viewers should vow to stay away from The Nun

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Running Time: 96 minutes

Rating: «« out of ««««

While it’s only been five years since the release of the supernatural horror hit The Conjuring, the film’s heroic paranormal investigators have already inspired all kinds of sequels and spin-offs.

The fifth and most recent entry is The Nun. While the titular demonic character certainly made an impression when it was introduced in The Conjuring 2, this prequel detailing the history of the sinister lifeform is easily the weakest and most unnecessary chapter in the horror franchise.

Set in 1952, the plot involves the strange suicide of a nun at a remote abbey in Romania. The Vatican assigns Father Burke (Demian Bichir) to...

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for Sept. 7, 2018

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Welcome to another look at highlights arriving on Blu-ray and DVD. If you can’t make it out to the movies this week, be sure to give one of these titles a try.

Big New Releases!

Adrift - Based on a true story, this film follows a couple who decides to sail from Tahiti to San Diego. Along the way, they encounter one of the most devastating hurricanes in history, damaging their craft and throwing their lives into jeopardy. Reviews for this drama were generally positive. A small group did complain that the story had been formatted to hit all of the expected beats minimizing its impact, but more liked the performers and found the storm and its aftermath compelling to watch. The...

Kin looks good, but doesn’t make a whole lot of sense

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Rating: «« out of ««««

Running Time: 102 minutes

Sometimes, it truly is this simple... If you want to make a great movie, you’ve got to have an exceptional script. The extremely talented cast of the new film Kin do everything they can to make the most of an intriguing idea. However, it becomes lost within what ultimately is a rambling, nonsensical script.

Unfortunately, the performers can only do so much before the plot holes and bizarre actions of the characters ultimately let viewers down.

Set in a dilapidated, rundown Detroit, the story follows Eli (Myles Truitt) the adopted son of Hal Solinski (Dennis Quaid). Times haven’t been good for the family, with Hal raising the...

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