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Johansen Keeto

March 3, 4:59 pm

1st DWI

Gallup Police Department Officer Norman Bowman stopped a car on U.S. Highway 491 and Coal Basin Road after hearing reports of a drunk driver in that area. GPD Officer Francie Martinez arrived shortly after to assist in the investigation, after the driver, Keeto, 24...

Churchrock man sentenced to prison for voluntary manslaughter

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ALBUQUERQUE – Randy Payton, 35, an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation who resides in Churchrock, N.M., was sentenced March 8 in federal court in Albuquerque to 137 months in prison for his voluntary manslaughter conviction. Payton will be on supervised release for three years after completing his prison sentence.

Payton was arrested on Oct. 19, 2016, on a criminal complaint charging him with killing a Navajo man on the Navajo Indian Reservation in McKinley County on Oct. 14, 2016. According to the criminal complaint, Payton killed the victim by hitting and kicking him repeatedly during a fight. Payton subsequently was indicted on the same charge on Nov. 15, 2016.

On July 18...

New Mexico State Police investigation leads to conviction in DWI homicide case

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On May 1, 2017, a tragic rollover crash happened on NM State Road 118 in Gallup. Two adults were killed and three children were seriously injured. The driver of the vehicle, Elijah King, was suspected of being drunk at the time of the crash. King was detained at the scene; however, he claimed another man was driving.

New Mexico State Police officers in Gallup responded and conducted an extensive investigation. Their efforts produced solid evidence showing that King was driving drunk at the time of the crash. This evidence later led to King’s conviction.

Immediately after the crash, NMSP officers obtained a blood draw from King, took pictures of his injuries, obtained some...

Weekly Police Activity Report

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3/6, Iyanbito

McKinley County Sheriff Dep. Monty Yazzie apparently had no questions as to what started a fire Monday on Red Sage Loop in Iyanbito that caused severe damage to a house in that Navajo community.

As he was headed to the scene of the fire, Metro Dispatch informed Yazzie that “an intoxicated person at the residence poured gasoline on the residence and lit [the house] on fire.”

When he arrived at the scene, the first thing he saw was that the living room was on fire. He also saw family members carrying buckets of water trying to out the fire out but it was having no affect.

He then noticed that on one side of the house, other family members were...


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Darryl Bluehorse, 51

March 3, 1:46 am

3rd DWI, Aggravated

Gallup Police Officer Adrian Quetawki was on patrol on west Highway 66 about 1:46 am when he saw a car traveling the opposite direction with no headlights on.

He immediately turned around and conducted a traffic stop. He told the driver, Bluehorse, 61, of Window Rock why he stopped him. Bluehorse said he wasn’t aware that his lights were off.

By this time, Quetawki said he noticed signs that Bluehorse may be intoxicated, so he asked him where he was coming from. Bluehorse responded that he was going home after getting something to eat. He also admitted to having had three or four drinks during the...

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