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FBI reveals hate crime stats from 2016

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On Nov. 13, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program released Hate Crime Statistics, 2016. The latest annual compilation of bias-motivated offenses compiles and examines data reported throughout the U.S.

The newest report—which provides information about the offenses, victims, offenders, and locations of hate...


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The legal limit is .08

Jovanna Bitah

Nov. 6, 11:53 pm

1st DWI, Aggravated

McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Johnson Lee was responding to a call from Metro Dispatch about two women in a vehicle allegedly damaging another vehicle with a hammer when he stopped Bitah, 34, on State Highway 602. Lee confirmed the license plate from the call as a match for Bitah’s. He noticed a “strong odor” of alcohol inside the car, according to the police report.

Lee placed Bitah under arrest after she failed two field sobriety tests. Lee then found several open bottles of Fireball in the car. Bitah was given a breath test back at the MCSO, where she blew a 0.16 and a 0.15.



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Mario C. Ponce; Eric Becenti; Wacey A. Smith; Alberta L. John; Elmer Tom; Justin Joe Jones; Melissa Skeet; Victor Willie; Thomas Overbay; Anthony Frazier; Richard K. Ranger; Chad O. Tsosie; April Garcia; Natasha Yellowfeather; Cody Peterson; Benedict Yazzie; Shannon Whitegoat; Randy Austin; Nadine A. Bahe; Dorsett Henio; Felicia A. Gomez; Richard Glenn Buhr; Carlos Curley; Joanne Chee; Cyrill Tyler Beyuka; Alberta L. John; Renfred Smith; Franklin C. Sandoval; Zachariah B. Kee; Adrian Hustito; Randy Jones; Gerald J. Kee; Tyrani N. Fernando; Nathaniel Thomas Naswood; Gerard R. John; Felicia A. Gomez; Reese Benally; Nathan R. Benally; Russell E. Johnson; and Lance...

Weekly Police Activity Reports

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William G Candler, III, Dexter Shorty, Edison Yazzie, Jr., Randy Casuse, Dezeri Marie Diaz, Michael L. Gruber, James Earl Vinson, Trumayne Nez, Javin Q. Smith, Martin Morales, Bobby Gorman, Virgil F. Martinez, Sr., Shyleka Goldtooth, Earl J. Begay, Kyle Begay, Ronald A. Daggett, Victor B. Badoni, James Hunter Lange, Jonah Isralie Jones, Robert Earl Peters, Douglas Begay, Calvin Hardy, Mallory Begay, Derrick Billy, Adrian Thomas, Morgan Murphy, Ricky Peterson, Shaine A. Williams, and Carlos Jake.


Marvin Yazzie, Jennie Abeita, Zachary Kee, Brandon Chee, Michelle Foster, Tony Armijo, Chad Tsosie, Bobby Caldwell, and Pamela King.



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The legal limit is .08

Jonathan Tsosie

Oct. 28, 8:45 pm


Tsosie, 31, had rear ended another driver on State Highway 264. As McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Lorenzo Guerrero spoke to Tsosie, he “could smell the strong odor of an intoxicating liquor coming from his persons and breath,” according to the police report.

Tsosie admitted to drinking a six pack of Bud Light. He agreed to take field sobriety tests, and blew a .15 twice during the breath test.

Teodoso Rojo

Oct. 26, 2:10 am

DWI, Aggravated

MCSO Deputy Frank Villa, Jr. came to the aid of a Navajo Police Department officer in pursuit of Rojo on U.S. 491. Rojo wasn’t pulling over. Finally, with the...

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