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Bobby Begaye reappointed to the Navajo Nation Telecommunication Regulatory Commission

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FARMINGTON, N.M. – On Dec. 11, the Resources and Development Committee approved Legislation No. 0465-17 with a vote of 4-0, which confirms the reappointment of Bobby Begaye to the Navajo Nation Telecommunication Regulatory Commission for a four-year term.

Begaye is Tsi’naajinii (Black-Streaked-Wood People) and born for...

Navajo Nation files lawsuit against Wells Fargo

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WINDOW ROCK – Navajo Nation officials announced Dec. 12 that the Nation directed its legal counsel, Hueston Hennigan, to file suit against Wells Fargo. The suit alleges that Wells Fargo engaged in a campaign of predatory and unlawful practices that targeted and harmed the Navajo people. The Navajo Nation is seeking restitution, damages, and civil penalties based on Wells Fargo’s violations of federal, state, and tribal law.

The complaint details a long pattern of misconduct by Wells Fargo at its branches that serve Navajo customers. For several years, Wells Fargo employees deceived and manipulated customers into opening unnecessary accounts, as stated in the complaint. As has now...

Rio Woes: Texas’ lawsuit against NM over the waters of the Rio Grande heads to the U.S. Supreme Court

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – From Colorado to Mexico, communities siphon and spread water from the Rio Grande. For about a century, every drop of that water has been divvied up among cities and farmers. It’s not unusual to stand alongside an irrigation ditch in New Mexico and hear someone complain that too much water is flowing to Texas. But, in fact, Texas stands on solid ground in its lawsuit against New Mexico over the Rio Grande, oral arguments for which are scheduled for January in the U.S. Supreme Court.

If New Mexico loses, southern farmers will take a hit—and so will the state budget. New Mexico could owe billions of dollars in damages (even “just” a $1 billion dollar fine...

TA employees help out Toys for Tots in Gallup

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Woman bound, beaten in terrifying ordeal

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By Abigail Rowe

Sun Editor

When Gallup Police Department Officer Timothy Hughte arrived at the 400 block of South 5th Street on a call Dec. 11, he did not know if the female victim he coming to assist was alive or dead.

The victim’s mother met with officers as they arrived on the scene. It was 12:18 am. She informed Hughte that she had found her daughter and located her pulse.

The victim, who is in her early 20s, was sitting on the floor inside the residence beside a tipped over chair. Blood “covered her face,” according to the police report.

Other furniture inside the residence had also been toppled, including a sofa and a television set. Children’s clothing...

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