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Man hit by train

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Derrick Mitchell’s attempt to crawl between two railroad cars to make it to the south side of the tracks resulted in him being hit by train traveling about 30 mph.

Gallup Police Department Detective Charles Wommack said shortly after 5 pm on Oct. 5, Mitchell crawled between the two box cars on the farthest northern...

Good timing help police net dangerous fugitive

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Gallup Police Department experienced a stroke of luck in catching an alleged dangerous rapist and murderer that was recently passing through the area.

Jeffrey Olivarez is wanted for the murder and rape of Jessica E. Blansett.

GPD Detective Charles Wommack said on Oct. 2 he received a call from Ford County, KS officials about Olivarez possibly being in the area, at a local scrapyard.

Wommack said he and Det. Mark Spencer followed a hunch and found Olivarez at All City Recycling. He was working there for the day to pay for some repairs done to his vehicle.

Wommack said Olivarez had also tried to sell the vehicle, but was unsuccessful.

He was arrested without incident Oct. 3, for a...

Local drug dealer arrested during raid

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Gallup Police Department’s narcotics and K9 teams netted 78 grams of heroin when they conducted a drug raid Oct. 6 at David Grijalva’s residence, 104 S. First Street, Apt. 6.

Grijalva, 63, was part of a three-month long investigation, in which during that time he allegedly  sold drugs to undercover narcotics agents.

GPD Capt. Rick White said the drugs confiscated were sent to the state’s Forensic Laboratories Bureau for testing to confirm the presence of heroin. When police receive confirmation, they’ll be able to charge Grijalva for possession of a controlled substance.

Meanwhile, he was arrested for trafficking drugs and is being held at the McKinley County Adult Detention...


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Davis Jameson

9/25, 12:37 am

2nd DWI, Aggravated

Davis Jameson made a sudden left turn onto Basilio, from Aztec, right in front of Gallup Police Department Officer Douglas Hoffman. The sudden turn forced Hoffman to slam on his brakes. According to the report, Hoffman stopped the car and conducted a traffic stop. Davis smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot watery eyes.

Hoffman asked Davis, if he’d had anything to drink and Davis said that he hadn’t. Later, Davis admitted to having three Fire Balls, the report stated.

During the field sobriety tests Davis reportedly swayed from side to side, failed to follow instructions, and fell over. Davis agreed to take a...

Accused child rapist out on bond

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Sterling Long was scheduled for extradition from Navajo County Jail in Holbrook, Ariz. to McKinley County Adult Detention Center to face multiple felony sexual assault charges, but before that could take place he was released on a $50,000 cash only bond Sept. 24.

According to the affidavit for arrest warrant, Long molested and performed oral acts on a 9-year-old girl. The girl’s mom was at work during the time of the incident and was counting on her boyfriend Long to take care of the kids.

The mother told the Gallup Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division that they had just moved, and were staying at a local hotel while waiting for utilities to be turned on, according...

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