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Renus E. Barker

Jan. 19, 5:13 pm

7th DWI

Already on the District Attorney’s DWI felony list, Barker decided that six DWIs weren’t enough. MCSO Sgt. Eric Jim witnessed Barker pull into the Trademark plaza off South Second Street “at a high rate of speed,” according to the report. Barker, 29, also...

Weekly Crime Blotter

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Ramsey James, 24, of Gallup is in critical condition after being hit by a Ford pickup truck driven by Cameron Smith, 18, of Gallup. Smith had fled the scene. While on patrol, at about 1 am, Gallup Police Department Officer Timothy Hughte noticed a man lying in the middle of the road, near El Charrito Restaurant, 2003 W. Highway 66.

James appeared to have a large wound to the top of his head and was bleeding profusely, according to Hugte’s report. James’ left leg also sustained some sort of fracture as well. While on scene, police received a call from his Smith’s father. Per Hughte’s request, Smith was brought back to the scene for...

Weekly Crime Blotter

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BHP Billiton/Rio Algom Mining lost some property in late January, according to MCSO Deputy Ben Benally’s report. A white 2005 Ford F-150 was stolen, along with some equipment. The list of equipment includes a pressure sprayer, generator, battery charger, and padlocks.


1/29, GALLUP

Who knows what caused Myron Peters of Yatahey to become irate, but he was in full form when Gallup Police Department Officer Victor Rodriguez arrived on scene at the Sports Page at 1400 S. Second St. Peters was laying on his back and bleeding from “behind his head,” according to the police report.

It was apparent that Peters, 25, didn’t want...


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The legal limit is .08. How about being a responsible adult and try driving with a .00? ENDWI.

Myron Joe

Jan. 9, 9:31 pm

2nd DWI, Aggravated

Joe didn’t want to give McKinley County Sheriff Office Deputy Merle Bates his real name, according to the report. He gave the alias of Sam Smith instead. But, Bates saw through the intoxicated shenanigans and booked Joe, 25, for his second DWI with the bonus charge of “aggravated” for his refusal to take the breath alcohol content tests, and for a bench warrant. Bates noted that there was a empty can of Bud Light near the vehicle’s gear shift.

Christopher Chris Kallestewa

Jan. 9, 9:48 am

2nd DWI...

Weekly Crime Blotter

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GALLUP, 1/22

Reports are sketchy at best on what occurred at Steve Coleman’s residence and how things escalated from there. Two of his neighbor’s dogs were reportedly shot at, and one died. Coleman has some past convictions, and as a felon, he’s supposed to stay clear of firearms. Coleman and his wife are the proprietors of Nugget Gallery, and were the target of thieves in recent months.

He’s facing a range of charges: possession of a firearm or destructive device by a felon; two counts of conspiracy to commit extreme cruelty to animals; negligent use of a deadly weapon; four counts of criminal damage to property; and multiple counts of...

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