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Local artisan Lyndon Tsosie holds stamp retreat

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Lyndon Tsosie, local and internally renowned Navajo artist, held a retreat “House of Stamps,” the last week of June, for budding and experienced jewelry makers to learn about the art of Navajo stamping and to create their own masterpieces.

The Navajo silversmith stamping tools are handmade, and the stamping faces...

Fracking and Earthquakes, what is our experience?

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There has been a good deal of concern regarding the effects of hydraulic fracturing, “fracking” and oil industry pumping into injection wells to dispose of fluids associated with industry operations. With this in mind we did some research to see what effects are being reported in the Four Corners area of New Mexico and Arizona and more broadly to see what other researchers are reporting.


Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” has been used in oil and gas wells for many decades.  It involves injecting chemical laden water at high pressure into geologic formations to extract oil and gas.  The pressure injects water containing chemicals and sand. When the...

Governor announces fifth straight year of record-shattering tourism number

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34.4 million trips taken in 2016,

growth doubles the national average

SANTA FE — Gov. Susana Martinez announced 34.4 million trips were taken in New Mexico in 2016 – shattering the previous record set in 2015 of 33.4 million. New Mexico is a leader in tourism, with trips to the state growing at double the national average.

“A record number of people are visiting New Mexico and that means more money being spent in our communities – large and small,” Martinez said. “It is so exciting that more people than ever before are getting to experience what we already know: New Mexico is the best place in the world to enjoy natural beauty, vibrant culture and – of course – our...

Gallup City Council Endorses Gallup Film Festival

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The Gallup City Council on June 27 unanimously passed a proclamation in support of the 2017 Gallup Film Festival scheduled for September 14-16 in the downtown on West Coal Avenue.

“This is our fifth year of the film festival,” said Knifewing Segura who directs the annual event.  “In our first year we had three film submissions.  Each year we offer something

The prominent film to be screened at this year’s festival is Light Dancing Production’s ‘The Watchman’s Canoe’ written and directed by Barri Chase. Actors Roger Willie and Adam Beach are featured in this film about a fair-skinned Native American girl who struggles to fit in with her peers on an Indian...

RMCHCS re-opens helipad

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Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services and Air Medical Resource Group (AMRG)/Gallup Med Flight are pleased to announce the re-opening of the rooftop helipad this week.

On June 22, AMRG Gallup Flight Program began operations at RMCHCS. It has been seven years since the RMCHCS helipad has been in use. Use of the helipad was suspended in 2010 because it did not meet new FAA regulations, but recent renovations have upgraded the helipad to meet current FAA standards.

AMRG will be providing a helicopter on the helipad with highly trained and qualified pilots, flight nurses and flight paramedics occupying AMRG quarters at Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital. The Helicopter...

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