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Clinton and Trump are two sides of the same authoritarian coin

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For those who seek freedom there is a Libertarian option

The subjugation to government fostered by socialism is often likened to voluntary slavery (communism is forced slavery). McKinley County just might be America’s poster child for failed socialist policies of helpless dependency on government programs culminating...

Dist. 4 Candidate Todacheene: ‘Together we have a powerful voice for a better tomorrow’

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Our community in Northwest New Mexico has a strong and proud history of resiliency. Yet this resiliency has its limits; we have suffered too many years of stagnant economic growth where hard-working families are unable to make ends meet even when working two or three jobs. Because of this, our youth have been leaving New Mexico in great numbers in search of opportunity elsewhere, and one would think that our elected Republican leaders in Santa Fe would make great haste in addressing the loss of our young, bright, and talented people. Instead, they have chosen to use their time and energy to bring opportunity and more wealth only to those who hold no lasting interest in the vitality of...

The honoring of a ‘brave and solid’ man

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To the people of McKinley County:

Recently, I was pleased to learn that on this day of July 23, 2016, the almost forgotten name of José del los Reyes Bustamante was being pulled at long last from the shadows of the past so that he may receive a measure of the recognition that he indisputably deserves.

I am grateful that my long-time friend of the Gallup area, Phillip Marques, aided by another local history enthusiast, Martin Link, has pulled together the pieces allowing today’s honoring of Bustamante.

Born in the year 1844, just two years before an American army seized New Mexico, Bustamante was still in his late teens when he helped defend New Mexico from an invading Confederate...

Unintended consequences: Fraud Against Taxpayers law works against economic development

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Well-intentioned laws are known to backfire and cause more harm than healing. And when good laws go bad, the taxpayer can suffer.

The New Mexico Fraud Against Taxpayers Act is an example of such legislation. Passed in 2011 to address the theft of state and local taxpayer dollars through fraudulent activity, the law contains provisions that protect people from retaliation for reporting such crimes.

The irony is that taxpayers whose interests are protected by FATA may be liable for punitive damages awarded to a public employee who reported, testified about, or furthered a Fraud Against Taxpayers action.

Language of the law

Under the provisions of FATA, any public employer who...

Budget cuts put our KIDS COUNT gains in child health at risk

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One of the few bright spots for New Mexico in this year’s recently released national KIDS COUNT Data Book — which ranked New Mexico at 49th in the nation for overall child well-being — was in child health outcomes.

Improvements took us from ranking 48th in the nation in the four health indicators to 44th. That higher ranking is due in large part to New Mexico’s expansion of Medicaid for low-income adults because it led to the enrollment of tens of thousands of children who were eligible for this health coverage but had not been enrolled.

If nothing else, this is a success story showing that public policies can make a difference. And it’s not just made a difference for kids...

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