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Monday, Mar 25th

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Concerned citizen takes issue with alleged police brutality

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To the Editor:

Begaye says that he supports the efforts of public safety departments across the Navajo Nation, including those that serve border town communities? Begaye also said that police officers risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure the publics safety and that they DESERVE to be commended.

Arizona Department of Public Safety Information Office Ralil Garcia said that the Investigation could take months. An investigation that could be done in a few minutes from anyone’s dining room table.

Two officers were at the scene of a female wielding scissors. Both officers were male, taller, heavier, and stronger than any one female. These two male officers are also trained in violence. This one female had no such training. Yet TWO male officers could not take these scissors from ONE female without pumping FIVE bullets into a FEMALE.

I believe that even at my age I can take scissors from any female and I am positive that with another male on my side, this could be very easily done WITHOUT appointing myself, Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Louis Maldonado

Gallup, NM