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Weekly Crime Blotter

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The Creeper

Gallup, 11/12

When Gallup Police Department Officer Matthew Ashley arrived at 403 Arnold St. he saw a woman holding Randall Jim, who reportedly entered her home uninvited, against a wall to keep him running from the police.

According to Ashley’s report, the woman became aware that there was an intruder when she laid her daughter down to sleep and heard noises coming from her bedroom where Jim was creeping about. Jim reportedly entered her home through the bedroom window.

The woman knows Jim as the father of her cousin’s children. The footprints outside the bedroom window matched Jim’s shoes. He was arrested for breaking and entering.

Trick or Treat to jail

Gallup, 10/31

Two sisters got into an argument after returning from a Trick or Treat trip with their father, sister, and children. Monica Tsosie, who had been knocking back shots of 99 Bananas alcoholic beverage, broke a window at her father’s home.

She returned to her home where police met up with her. Her two children, ages 4 and 8, were fast asleep. Tsosie, 31, on the other hand was awake, drunk and “bleeding heavily” from a laceration to her right arm, according to GPD Officer Luke Martin’s report.

Her father came and got the children, and once she was medically cleared, Tsosie was booked into McKinley County Adult Detention Center for abandonment of children.

Man assaults son and officer

Gallup, 10/28

Kendall Olsen, who got keyed up over his son wrecking his car, was arrested for assaulting his son with a stick and “punching him in the head several times,” according to GPD Officer Justin Benally’s report.

Olson, 66, didn’t go quietly into the night, as he assaulted another officer, reportedly leaving scrapes on his right hand. He was arrested for both battery on a peace officer and household member, and for resisting, evading or obstructing an officer.

Knife-wielding woman

Gallup, 10/27

GPD Officer Chavo Chischilly responded to information about a highly intoxicated woman chasing kids with a knife at the Courthouse Square. It took him a few minutes to locate her, but when he did, he witnessed Latonya Baker throwing her fists around causing those nearby to flee the area. Also, a witness said she stabbed a friend who had already left the scene.

Baker, 28, tried to jump some stairs to get away from officers, but fell face first on the cement. Chischilly seized the opportunity to cuff her, and when he turned her around, he noticed that her nose was cut and mouth was bleeding.

She was medically cleared at GIMC and taken to jail where she was booked at MCADC for aggravated assault, resisting arrest and tampering with evidence. She also she got into a brawl with a fellow inmate.

Knife-wielding man

Gallup, 10/26

A security guard working in the vicinity of Taco Bell on U.S. Route 491 got an early Halloween scare when a man donning a black leather jacket, jeans and boots, pulled a knife on him. He escaped injury and the suspect Cordell Bahe headed across the road where police stopped him. According to Officer Benally’s report, Bahe had a “Leatherman” with the knife exposed in his right pocket.

Further questioning of the security guard revealed that Bahe, 21, was throwing rocks at vehicles. Each time the security guard tried to catch up with him, the police report stated that Bahe would take out the knife and “do a jagging motion.”

Bahe was booked for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.