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Weekly Crime Blotter

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Thoreau, 10/11

McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Roxanne King was dispatched to a call of an abandoned trailer on fire on Frontier Street in Thoreau, shortly after 9 pm. According to the deputy’s report, Thoreau Fire Department Commander Jake Laroy said the fire started in the living room. The caller who reported the fire stated that she noticed a white pickup truck in the area, and didn’t notice anyone on foot in the area.


Gallup, 10/10

MCSO Deputy Josie Bowman took an incident report regarding a white Nissan SUV abandoned near a ditch, near the motocross arena. The incident report states that the vehicle “was high center and the ignition was pulled apart with no keys in the vehicle.” There were also Bud Light cans in and around the truck that was later towed from the area.


Gallup, 10/10

A trip to the flea market turned into a nightmare for one man and his three children. MCSO Deputy Ivan Tsethlikai stated in his report that the victim said he was looking at Jimmie Clitso’s herb collection and told him that he had picked similar herbs in his area.

Clitso reportedly pulled out a “shiny object,” which later turned out to be brass knuckles, and punched the victim on his lower left jaw. The victim fell to his knees, and as he was getting up he was struck a second time in the chin. Clitso claims that he is from the Bear Clan and that he became upset when the victim teased him, allegedly saying, “this is a lot of marijuana here.”

He was booked and charged for aggravated assault and two outstanding warrants.


10/9, Breadsprings Road & State Route 602

MCSO Lt. J. Trevor-Smith and Sgt. Robert Turney both had to utilize some negotiation skills to help subdue a man that led police on a high-speed chase down Blue Medicine Well Road. Mitt Hollowhorn had reportedly kidnapped the woman that was in his vehicle, but she made a run for it when he stopped the vehicle.

Hollowhorn made motions that it made it appear that he was reaching for a firearm, saying that he was going back to prison anyway, but Turney was able to talk him out of doing anything rash. Hollowhorn eventually threw his keys out of the window. He exited the vehicle without incident and was turned over to Navajo Police Department officers on scene.


MCSO Deputy Tsethlikai responded to a call from Ramah High School to take a report on a student smoking pot in the school gymnasium. Tsethlikai said in his report that the security guard on duty saw the male student stick his head out the gymnasium door and blow smoke.  He tried to get into the gym, but the student reportedly locked the door.

When he finally did approach the student, the student dropped the glass pipe and it shattered on the floor. Tsethlikai noted in his report that the student was given a five-day suspension.