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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Tse Bonito, March 15

When a woman who had been renting a property discovered more than $5,000 worth of items missing after the tenants were kicked out, she reported the loss.

McKinley County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Frank Villa Jr. was dispatched to #46 Garden Lane on March 15 where he met the woman from Tse Bonito.

The woman told Villa she had been renting the property to Nicholas Silversmith and his father Alfred. When Villa asked when she had last seen the stolen items in the yard, she placed the time at approximately 11 am on March 2.

She told the deputy she had kicked the two men out and was no longer renting to them.

She said she did not know if they were the ones who stole the items.

Her list of missing items included a wooden flatbed trailer, seven ceramic flower pots, and a wooden doghouse. She estimated that the trailer was worth about $5,000, the flowerpots were worth about $300, and the doghouse was worth about $60. She said the trailer had a license plate, but she didn’t know the plate number.

Villa told the woman he would need more information about the trailer before he could enter it into the police database as stolen. She said she would call him if she found any more information about it. Villa told her he would put out an alert to find the trailer.


Iyanbito, March 7

A man left his wallet on the dashboard of his car outside the Iyanbito Chapter house with his ID and First Financial debit card in it, and when he came back to his car it was gone.

McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Clayton Etsitty learned about the theft from Dispatch, which informed him that the chapter house is located on the Navajo Reservation.

The victim was unable to meet with Crownpoint Navajo Nation Police. So, Etsitty met the victim at the Sheriff’s Office.

The man told Etsitty that he had been with a man named Ernest King, who he called his “cousin brother” at the chapter house. He said he believed King had stolen the wallet.

When asked where King was now, the victim said he was at home in Iyanbito. Etsitty told the victim that since the crime happened on Navajo Nation land, the report would be forwarded to the Navajo Nation Police.

The victim said that King would not give the wallet back, and that he needed his old ID in order to get a new ID. Etsitty asked for a phone number, but the victim did not provide one.

The victim estimated that his wallet was worth $80. He could not remember his debit card number. Etsitty filed a report with the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office and forwarded one to the Crownpoint Navajo Police Department.


Thoreau, Jan. 30

A man in the Speedway in Thoreau refused to pay for the food he was eating. That’s when McKinley County Sheriff’s Officer Timo Molina was called.

When Molina got to the gas station, he met Wayne Cody, 18 of Grants. He asked Cody if he could pay for the things he had eaten. Cody just stared back at him without answering. He then walked away from Molina, and the officer followed him.

Cody asked Molina why he was following him and Molina said he needed to tell him who he was. He asked him multiple times, but Cody would not answer. The officer then started telling Cody to step outside of the gas station, and he did not reply.

When Molina went to escort him out of the gas station himself, Cody tensed up, balled his fists and pulled away from him. Molina tried to put Cody up against a wall so he could put handcuffs on him, but Cody pulled away from him. Things became more physical when Molina had to put Cody on the ground and then put handcuffs on him.

The store clerk told Molina that Cody had eaten and drunk several items and that it all came out to $6.83.