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County discusses Liquor Excise Tax resolution for new fiscal year

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The annual joint city and county resolution relating to the Liquor Excise Tax was brought before the McKinley County Board of Commissioners during their Aug. 4 meeting.

The resolution, which allows for the allocation and distribution of LET revenue for FY21, was read by County Attorney Doug Decker.

“It’s been a while now since we’ve had enough money to send out for [requests for proposals] for other services,” Decker said. “Since 2012, the lion’s share of the LET has been taken by the City of Gallup for the detox service and other services.”

The allocation committee, which consists of Mayor Louie Bonaguidi and multiple finance officers of both the city and county, sets the amount of LET funds that the city and county receive each fiscal year.

“We went through negotiations this year, and in past years the city has been intense during these negotiations, and we came up with the projected revenue from last fiscal year of $1.2 million,” Decker said. “We have allocated $835,000 for the city’s social detox services, and the [remaining] balance of that amount is allocated to the county.”

Part of the funds go to the county’s DWI program and the Juvenile Substance Abuse Crisis Center programs, along with the match money for state grants that is used for these programs.

Another part of the funds goes to the McKinley County Adult Detention Center for detox services and alcoholism treatment programs, Decker added.

“It was a unanimous consensus from the allocation committee to set these amounts,” Decker said.

The county voted to accept the resolution with a 3-0 vote. As a result, it will be passed onto the Gallup City Council for discussion during their Aug. 11 meeting.

By Cody Begaye
Sun Correspondent