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Delski Bills

May 6, 4:53 pm

Aggravated DWI

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Terence Willie said he was at one of the roadblocks set up to prevent cars from entering the city because of the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus at the time.

The roadblock was at the intersection of the Twin Buttes Road and Highway 55. Willie said he was informed that the driver of a car that was stopped there showed signs of being intoxicated. Willie said he went to talk to Delski Bills, 30, of Gallup.

Willie said he noticed Bills smelled of alcohol. When asked if he had anything to drink before driving, Bills admitted to having had two shots of vodka.

He agreed to take the standard field sobriety tests and he had problems following directions and failed the tests. He was arrested on a charge of DWI.

Bills then agreed to take a breath alcohol test, but Willie said Bills made a mistake on the first test by entering the wrong information, Bills did give a second sample, but the result was not listed in the report.

Bills was then transported to the county jail and booked.

A passenger in Bills’ vehicle, Glenn Sandoval, 22, of Manuelito, was found to have an outstanding bench warrant and was arrested.

Tiffany Garcia

April 29, 7:38 pm

Aggravated DWI (Second)

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Frank Villa Jr. said he was on routine patrol driving on County Road 1 when he was flagged down by a man who said a car was stopped on the roadway and the driver appeared to be asleep.

Villa drove to the site and stopped behind the vehicle when it started and drove away at a high rate of speed. Villa began pursuing it as the car reached speeds of up to 85 miles an hour. The pursuit continued as the driver reached the Allison Road, stopped briefly and then sped up again entering the Walmart parking lot.

Villa said the vehicle continued going through the parking lot and at one time struck a parked car. It finally stopped and Villa said he ordered the driver to exit the vehicle.

The driver, Tiffany Garcia, 31, of Rock Springs, N.M., showed signs of being intoxicated as she exited the car. Villa said she refused to take the standard field sobriety tests, as well as the breath alcohol test.

Besides being charged for aggravated DWI, she was also booked for aggravated fleeing and criminal damage to private property.

Dorothy Allender

April 23, 9:10 pm

DWI with a minor in the vehicle

McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Franklin Begay said he was traveling south on State Highway 602 when he noticed a Gallup police officer had stopped a vehicle.

The officer said the driver had run a stop light, almost hitting his vehicle. Sergeant Terrance Peyketewa stopped the truck and started talking with Dorothy Allender, 24, of Ramah, when he saw she had a child in her vehicle. He said he also saw signs that she was intoxicated.

He asked her how much she had to drink and she said a couple of beers. She also admitted to smoking marijuana.

She agreed to take the standard field sobriety tests, but as he gave them to her she continued to make mistakes and told him to take her to jail. She was finally arrested for DWI.

She agreed to take a breath alcohol test, but as she was about to take it, she threw up, so there was a required waiting period before she could take it again. As she was getting ready to take the test the second time, Begay said she threw up again,

At that point, she was transported to the county jail to be booked, but personnel there refused to allow her to be signed in because she vomited. Begay then transported her to a local hospital where she was examined and given a medical clearance.

Begay then took her back to the jail where booking officials again refused to admit her. Begay then called a relative who came to the jail and picked her up.

Evidence taken from the truck was logged into evidence. Allender was arrested for DWI with a minor in the vehicle, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and failure to stop at a stop sign. The truck was towed. Children Youth and Families Department was notified about the incident. Allender’s grandparents took custody of the child.


Dennis Keith Walley

Feb. 29, 10:19 am

Aggravated DWI

McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Ivan Tsethlikai was dispatched to Cousins Road in connection with a report of a driver who had problems staying in his lane.

He tracked the driver as he went onto State Highway and drove into the parking lot of a package liquor store. He said when he spoke to Dennis Keith Walley, 66, of Vanderwagen, he noticed several signs that he was intoxicated. He also staggered as he exited the vehicle.

Tsethlikai said he also noticed an open container of beer in the car.

Walley admitted to consuming two alcoholic beverages prior to driving and agreed to take the standard field sobriety tests, but Tsethlikai said he had problems following instructions and gave up. He agreed to take a breath alcohol test and posted two samples of .17.

He was booked for being under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, not having a driver’s license and having an open container.

Walley was released on his own recognizance by a judge.


Theodore Dick

Feb. 4, 2:02 pm

Aggravated DWI

Gallup Police Officer Iris Pinero said she was on routine patrol when she was dispatched to a gas station on Highway 66 because of a report of a drunken driver pumping gas.

Before she got there, she received an update telling her another officer followed the suspected driver and saw him fail to use his turn signal. Police had pulled over the driver in the parking lot of the Community Pantry.

As she approached the car to talk to Theodore Dick, 45, of Chinle, Ariz., Pinero said she noticed the female passenger throwing empty beer cans into the back seat. When Dick exited the vehicle, Pinero noticed he had thrown up and asked why, to which Dick responded that he was hung over from watching the game.

He agreed to take the standard field sobriety tests, but had problems, finally saying he had injured his head when he “got hit with an axe and everything like that.” Pinero finally asked him to repeat the alphabet from D to M and he said he couldn’t. He later agreed to take a breath alcohol test and posted samples of .34 and .36.

Dick was taken to the McKinley County Detention Center. He was booked on aggravated DUI, lack of a license, missing a signal and possession of alcoholic beverages in an open container in a motor vehicle.

Dick was released on his own recognizance by a judge.