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Letter to the editor: Vote out Democrats

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I often disagree with Grants Mayor Mody Hicks, but in this case I think he is right by trying to open Grants, and firing the city manager.

I wrote a letter some years back after Laura Jaramillo fired several employees one of which was my step daughter who was doing the city government grants, after she refused to train Don Jaramillo past owner of the Grants Daily Beacon for the job.

Have no clue why the current Cibola Citizen editor seems to think we should feel sorry for Laura after what she has done to past city employees who did not do things her way, guess its karma.

I was told by Darren White the KKOB radio host yesterday it was not right for Grants to open up because of all the Coronavirus cases in counties around Cibola, which is not our fault, and we should obey the orders from the governor’s office.

The governor closed Loffler’s gun shop which I have been in well over a hundred times and seen maybe two other people in the store with me at the most.  But our anti gun governor never lets a crisis go to waste to take away rights when she can.

This is the same women who gets free 24 hour security from the New Mexico State Police, and can have her hair dresser come to her house. Yep keep voting for those democrats and you may not have many rights left by the time they are done.

I did sign up to vote absentee this year online, I guess at the end of the day life is all about choices we make.

Do you try and stay 6 feet away from other folks, wash your hands often, wear a mask, must have something to do with choices you think.

Quemado New Mexico found out the hard way when one person came from the reservation with the Coronavirus, closed down one of the two stores in that small town, and later died.

Several other people got sick and the store had to stay closed for some time and then be disinfected because this person worked there.

I never been a golfer myself but I have been out to the Coyote several times to attend different meetings, to even see two people on the course was rare at best.

If you have time, go online and sign up to vote absentee, it took me about 3 minutes to sign up my 82 year dad, and the rest of the family.

This next election is going to be more important than the 2016 election.  Vote out all incumbent Democrats and put in whoever is running against them in the primary, then vote for the republicans and Trump in the general.

If not you may not like the next round of politicians that have plans to take away as many of your rights as they can as fast as they can.

Mr. Harry L. Hall
Grants, N.M.