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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Gallup, March 9

Gallup Police Officer Jared Albert was dispatched to help another officer who was investigating a fight about 2:24 pm.

He raced to Dana Quintero, who said she was in the front of the car near 802 Hwy. 66 and her boyfriend, Labardo Ray Lucero, 23, of Gallup, was in the backseat being belligerent.

She said they got into an argument and Lucero opened the back seat door and looked like he was preparing to jump out even though the car was going 30 miles an hour. Lucero was screaming and yelling and Quintero said she couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

At this point, they noticed a police car in front of them and Quintero said she told Lucero to calm down. Instead, she said, he reached and grabbed her hair as she was driving and kept pulling it until she went into a nearby parking lot where they both got out of the car and continued arguing until police arrived.

Another woman who was in the car confirmed Quintero’s account and Lucero was arrested for battery on a household member. As he was being booked, it was discovered that Lucero had two outstanding warrants for his arrest.


Gallup, March 3

A domestic violence incident at Fire Rock Navajo Casino on March 3 led to the arrest of Martin J. Lopez on drug charges.

McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Nocona Clark was dispatched to the casino about 12:40 pm to check out the incident, but when he got there, he was told that the two females involved in the dispute had already gone. Clark was told that the man involved was at the stop sign at the end of the casino parking lot.

Clark went to talk to Lopez, 34, no address listed. After he told Clark his name, however, Clark was told Lopez had an outstanding bench warrant, so he was arrested and taken to the county jail.

As he was being transported to jail, Lopez was observed taking something out of his pocket and putting it in the sleeve on the door of the police unit. Another officer observed him removing a glass pipe used for smoking narcotics.

It turned out he had placed three bags in the sleeve pocket. When asked, he said only one bag was his. The other two belonged to a friend still inside the casino.

Inside the bag Lopez said belonged to him, was more drug paraphernalia and a small baggie containing a white crystal-like substance.

Lopez was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as the outstanding bench warrant.



Gallup, March 7

McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Terence Willie was dispatched to the 76 Gas Station, 671 U.S. Hwy. 491, about 7:22 pm in reference to an intoxicated male throwing rocks and bothering customers.

The male, Ashford Samuel Rodriguez, no age or address listed, had left the store shortly before Willie arrived. Willie began heading north on U.S. Highway 491 when he spotted a male running across the road near the five-and-a-half mile marker.

Willie called into Metro Dispatch and deputies arrived to help Willie detain Ashford. After calling back into Dispatch, Willie was informed that Ashford had seven active bench warrants.

Ashford was transported to the McKinley County Adult Detention Center and booked on the existing warrants.


Gallup, March 6

McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Nocona Clark was dispatched to the McKinley County Adult Detention Center after a corrections officer located narcotics on an inmate.

Clark spoke with Correction Officer Tisha Garnenez, who said while female inmates were being moved from admissions to the H Pod, one of the medical officers saw Sabrina Dickenson, 30, no address listed, hand an unknown item to another inmate.

After Garnenez asked the inmate about the items, two pieces of a black substance wrapped in clear plastic, the inmate said the items were given to her by Dickenson.

Garnenez and Corrections Officer Sherry Charley spoke with Dickenson, who admitted the black substance was hers.

Through training and experience, Clark determined the black substance was black tar heroin, so Dickenson was charged with bringing contraband into a jail.