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Letter to the Editor: Registered sex offender speaks out

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I don’t guess this will get published, despite the fact that you claim to be fair and unbiased, but newspapers exist as a public service. Every news organization is bent a certain way from the New York Times to CNN and Fox News.

Anyone can put something on paper and publish it and give it a larger than life headline and scare the general public and not think about the consequences because, frankly, they don’t care, because they do it anonymously, as a paid advertisement. But you also have to remember that there are always two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It’s easy to pull something up on a computer and read it, because if it’s on the Internet it must be true, right? I paid $4,000 for a psyche evaluation to prove I was not a threat to society. That record is available as readily as the one the advertiser used in an attempt to slander. The findings of that proved that I am a Category 1, meaning very low risk to society. That study was conducted by Federal agencies.

So, here is the other side of the story. I have never, as the advertisement tries to convince people of, and nowhere is there proof, that I have a documented history of child abuse. True I have one incident that happened when I was in high school and one incident that happened (the child pornography crap) because of something called guilt by association and involved computer images that even professionals could not determine were actually children. More like college aged who looked young. The computer had been mine before I sold it to a roommate who needed it for college classes and it was in my apartment. He had some type of diplomatic immunity and there wasn’t enough evidence to convince a jury that I didn’t have knowledge of what was on my computer. So, look at the truth before bringing in your own prejudices.

Take a look at any of my writing and you will see the passion I have for unbiased truth and my dedication to education. I look for the good in education and try to cut away the negativity. I would never and could never harm any one, especially children. I have a long record of writing about the good things students do and it goes beyond scores and tests and standards. I don’t do it because I somehow want to gather information about children to meet some deviant need because I don’t have that deviant need. And any desires I might have ever had in the past along those lines were removed a long time ago. Don’t get blinded by public records and official documents. Dig under the surface and see what’s really there. That is responsibility.

I do admire people who are willing to express their opinion, because that is the beauty of the press in any republic. We all have the freedom to express ourselves. It grieves me that people are not willing to put their name on their opinions after finding it necessary to use the freedom of speech to attack others without knowing all the facts. I also know that I don’t have to crawl into the gutter with you.

Yes, there are horrible people out there who harm others, unfortunately. And the needs of the many (safety) outweighs the needs of the few (peace and comfort) or the one. Maybe that is why this country has become what it is.

Guy Priel