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July Fourth will include fireworks in McKinley County

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County Commission takes no action to ban fireworks

The discussion of a possible ban on certain types of fireworks picked up where it left off during the McKinley County Board of Commissioners’ recent regular meeting.

As discussed at the May 7 meeting, the Board of Commissioners heard the regional drought conditions read by County Fire Chief Jason Carlisle. At that time, Carlisle stated McKinley County was under moderate drought conditions, and the danger of severe drought would not impact Gallup.

During the May 20 meeting, Carlisle said that the recent weather maps showed severe drought danger in McKinley County had decreased since the previous meeting.

“The county is in moderate drought or abnormally dry [conditions], but it’s improving,” he said.

Carlisle described the decreasing drought conditions as the county coming out of a bad spell, which is something the county fire department is happy about, even as it should continue to prepare for the worst, he added.

The item was for presentation and discussion only, but Carlisle said those who want to purchase and set off fireworks in the coming weeks should do so with caution.

“Please be safe [when using fireworks], and call the fire department at the first sign of trouble,” he added. “It’s better we show up before [fires] get too big.”

While no action was taken during the meeting, and no public comment was given, County Attorney Doug Decker reiterated that the last day the county can take action on a potential ban is June 4, and that a ban cannot be imposed without a portion of the county being under severe drought conditions.

By Cody Begaye
Sun Correspondent