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Saturday, Feb 16th

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Council approves contract award bid to Infosend for bill print services

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The current provider for the City of Gallup’s utility bill print services is DataPrint, and the city is not under a contract to remain with them. On March 31, the city elected to use Infosend as the new bill print service provider.

Infosend’s front and back in full color will cost $68,376 per year to process 11,000 bills per month, which also includes the use of additional bill styles and appearances not currently available to the city.

These changes in style will lead to a more layman approach to billing, Jon DeYoung, assistant city manager, said during the meeting.

“[The] visuals and wordings [will] help the customers understand the billing,” DeYoung said.

The existing approved budget will cover the cost of the contract, and the charge inserts back to the department will allow them to get the word out, which will lead to further help, DeYoung said.

DeYoung also said the inserts will cause the bid to go over the specified amount of $68,000. The bid was drafted up to the current budgeted amount of $110,000.

However, Mayor Jackie McKinney did not agree with the signing for $110,000 when the bid would only need $68,000. He also said the contract should be for the main amount, with additional bids being made if the insert costs come into play.

The motion was approved with a 5-0-0 vote.

By Cody Begaye

Sun Correspondent