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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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7/1, Gallup

The arrest of Calbert Henderson began with the Gallup Police and ended with the Gallup Police after some assistance from the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office.

The first report came in near midnight Sunday of a driver speeding and running red lights. The reports coming into Metro Dispatch said the driver pulled into the Continental Divide Electric parking lot on State Highway 602. Gallup Police were sent to investigate and found the vehicle with a front flat tire, but before they could check on the driver, he sped away south on Highway 602.

The police officers reported in, and said the driver appeared to be highly intoxicated. He was going about 48 miles per hour and driving recklessly.

Police officers reported that during the chase, the driver swayed over the center line and almost collided with three oncoming vehicles, one of them a tractor trailer.

By this time, Johnson Lee, a McKinley County deputy had joined the chase, reporting that police were now saying the driver was going 88 miles per hour and was having problems controlling his vehicle.

The chase ended when the driver collided with a wire fence and got stuck in the dirt. Henderson, 36, of Albuquerque was then placed under arrest by the Gallup Police on DWI and aggravated fleeing charges.



7/1, Tse Bonito

The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the theft of a vehicle that also included the burglary of the home owner’s house.

Deputy Jasmine Jaramillo was dispatched to the house in the Tse Bonito area Monday night where she met Alvina Tsosie who said she had been gone most of the day and arrived back home at 7:30 pm to find her pet pit bull scared and wanting to go outside. She also discovered that her door hinge was broken, and the porch drywall was caved in. She told police that she believes the thief kicked her dog into the wall.

As she went around her house, she discovered items thrown on the floor and some of her property missing. Also missing were the keys to her Chevy Tahoe. When she went outside, she discovered that her car was also missing.

By the time Jaramillo arrived, Tsosie had found that she was also missing some jewelry and an Xbox 30.

A neighbor didn’t report seeing anything suspicious during the day, but did say she saw the Tahoe parked on the driveway about 4 pm.

There are no suspects at this time.



6/29, Thoreau

A Thoreau man was arrested after he aggressively went after a woman when she refused to give him money.

Delbert Saunders, 59, was charged with assault against a household member and battery.

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Johnson Lee said he was dispatched to the house about 7:30 pm on June 26. When he got there Rashid Sandoval was holding Saunders down on the ground with Priscilla Chee-Boyd standing by and reportedly  yelling at Saunders.

He placed Saunders in his unit and asked him what was going on. Lee said Saunders replied that he had been arguing with Chee-Boyd because he wanted his money and she wouldn’t give it to him.

He explained that she gets money every month, and is supposed to give it to him.

When he asked Chee-Boyd about this, she said that when Saunders came home, he began asking for money and she told him she didn’t have any.

She said he then began walking toward her aggressively and she became scared he was going to hit her. She told him to leave and as he turned to leave, he picked up her phone and began yelling at her that he was going to come back and shoot her and Sandoval.

He then turned as if he planned to go after her again and she said that is when Sandoval showed up and got him on the ground. She said Saunders continued to yell that he was planning to come back and shoot both of them.

Lee asked her if Saunders had a gun, and she said yes, but when they looked for it they couldn’t find it.

At that point, Saunders was arrested and transported to the county jail.



6/26, Navajo Estates

On June 26, the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office received a report of items missing from the Navajo Estates Fire Department.

Tony Watchman, the district chief for the station, said the items were listed on the inventory when it was prepared last year but they could not be found when this year’s inventory was taken.

Reported missing were three SCBA’s, valued at $5,000 each and a generator valued at $2,000.

Watchman said none of the volunteer firefighters had left disgruntled during the year. At the present time there are no suspects.