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Teen shot in critical condition

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Staff report

A 14-year-old Gallup boy was in critical condition at a Gallup hospital Monday afternoon after being shot in the stomach in what Gallup Police say is connected to the theft of a crossbow last Wednesday.

The name of the juvenile has not been released since he is a suspect in the theft of the crossbow. The name of the suspect in the shooting also has not been released because he has not been charged as of 6 pm Monday.

Gallup Police Captain Marinda Spencer did say, however, that the shooting and the burglary are connected.

What we know at this time is that police were dispatched to a house on Parmelee Street about 7 pm Wednesday in connection to a report of a stolen crossbow.

There they talked to Michael Shain, who is not a suspect in the shooting.

Shain told police that his crossbow had been stolen earlier that evening from his house. He also said he saw a juvenile in the area if his house at the time of the theft.

The crossbow was actually stolen twice.

Shain said he had been practicing with the crossbow earlier in the day and had laid it down on the ground and had gone back into his house. When he returned he discovered that the crossbow was gone. He saw a juvenile by his shed and yelled at him and the boy ran away.

Shain said he did not see the juvenile running with a crossbow but when he searched, he found it in the buses.

Later that day, he went back to his house and found the door unlocked and his crossbow as well as three arrows missing. He suspected that the juvenile had come back and stole the crossbow.

When Shain gave that report to police, he was told that a juvenile matching that description had reported missing by his parents who lived a block away from Shain.

Police went to the home of the juvenile and talked to the parents who said they still had not heard from their son. Police told them if their son returned to contact police as soon as possible.

During a search of the outside of the parent’s home, they found parts of the crossbow but not the crossbow itself.

As for the shooting, Spencer said that report was still being worked on Monday afternoon but she said she could say that the shooting occurred at or near the residence where the crossbow was stolen.