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Erwin Alliosn

Dec. 30, 4:37 pm

2nd DWI, Aggravated

McKinley County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tammy Houghtaling was notified by metro dispatch that a man was found unresponsive behind the wheel of a blue Dodge Dart. Houghtaling located the car and approached the driver, Alliosn, 50. Alliosn was by that point awake and accompanied by a woman, 26. The woman told Houghtaling she was worried he was in a medical emergency, but Alliosn denied that that was the case, and admitted to having been drinking earlier in the day.

Alliosn was handing Houghtaling his license and registration when the sergeant smelled alcohol coming from his breath, and noticed that his eyes were watery and bloodshot, according to the police report. Alliosn performed poorly on two field tests and failed to complete a third. He also showed signs of intoxication on additional alternative tests. Alliosn blew a 0.16 on two breath tests before being booked for DWI.

Larrick Johnson

Dec. 30, 1:58 pm

1st DWI

MCSO Sgt. Houghtaling was traveling west on Highway 264 when a blue car made a wide turn onto the highway and caught his attention. Houghtaling followed the vehicle and pulled it over, and then asked to see the information from the driver, Johnson, 38. Houghtaling smelled alcohol coming from the car, and Johnson admitted to having drank a beer at about 11 am that morning. Johnson showed signs of intoxication on three field sobriety tests, and blew a .08 on two breath tests.

Siobhan Harvey

Dec. 29, 6:34 pm

1st DWI

MCSO Lt. Eric Jim was dispatched to State Highway 602, after getting reports of a car swerving into oncoming traffic. The car was continuing northbound toward city limits, and was being followed by an anonymous caller, according to the police report.

Jim located the car and made contact with Harvey, 36, who appeared intoxicated and was slurring her speech. Harvey denied drinking alcohol that day, but submitted to field sobriety testing. She performed poorly on these tests and later blew a 0.15 on a breath test before booking.

Skyler Will Jimmie

Dec. 25, 9:45 am


Gallup Police Department Officer Daniel Brown was traveling on West Maloney Avenue when a white Jeep pulled out of the Hilton Garden Inn and failed to yield. Brown made a traffic stop on Jimmie, 29, who was driving alone. Jimmie ”fumbled through paperwork, and did not say anything… [his] head was down and he would not make eye contact with me,” according to the police report. The report also stated that Jimmie “had a blank dazed look on his face.” He spoke quietly and slurred his words.

Jimmie admitted to drinking at a party the night before, and that he had stopped drinking at about 2 am. Jimmie showed signs of intoxication on three field sobriety tests, and blew a 0.10 on two breath tests.

Stanley Bitahey

Dec. 22, 4:11 pm

1st DWI

Bitahey, 56, and a friend were turned away from a bar and had set out down U.S. 491 when metro dispatch flagged their car. MCSO Lt. Jim was the first to spot the suspicious vehicle, also noticing that neither driver nor passenger was wearing a seatbelt. Jim approached Bitahey and smelled alcohol on him. He asked where he was headed to, and Bitahey replied that he was headed to Rehoboth Hospital. He denied drinking alcohol that day, and agreed to sobriety testing.

Bitahey demonstrated signs of intoxication during the field tests, and blew a 0.12 and a 0.11 on breath tests before booking.

Jeradine Thompson

Dec. 20, 1:02 pm


A crash on East Highway 66 brought GPD Officers Daniel Brown and Angelo Cellicion to the scene, where they encountered Thompson, 35.  Thompson smelled like alcohol, according to the police report, and she admitted to drinking two shots of alcohol before driving. She showed signs of intoxication on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.18 and a 0.17 on two breath tests. She was booked for DWI and careless driving.