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Thursday, Nov 15th

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Tyrone Chavez

Nov. 11, 8:53 pm


McKinley County Sheriff’s Lt. Eric D. Jim got a call from Metro dispatch about a reckless vehicle driving the wrong direction down a highway. The vehicle pulled into and then drove out of the Fire Rock Casino parking lot before hitting another vehicle on Sundance Road. Jim located the bumper-damaged vehicle and pulled over Chavez, 44, who had red watery eyes and intoxicated speech, according to the police report. Jim noticed a “large bottle of vodka in the center console… which was open and partially consumed,” according to the police report. Chavez showed signs of intoxication on three field sobriety tests, and later blew a .22 and a .23 before he was taken to Crownpoint Jail for booking.

Sonya Dilyou Dees

Nov. 11, 12:32 pm

DWI, Aggravated

Gallup Police Department Officer Daniel Brown was on patrol when he received notice of a hit-and-run crash on U.S. Highway 491. Brown found the two vehicles with heavy damage in a Pep Boys parking lot. Dees, 29, allegedly hit the other vehicle before making a sharp left turn, fleeing the scene. The other driver followed Dees to the Pep Boys parking lot, where Brown spoke with them both. Dees had red eyes and was “incoherent,” according to the police report. Dees refused field tests at the scene and said to Brown: “just take me in,” according to the report.

Laureen Kee

Nov. 11, 11:46 pm

1st DWI, Aggravated

MCSO Dep. Lorenzo A. Guerrero was driving south on Highway 602 behind a truck that was failing to stay in its lane. Guerrero made a traffic stop and encountered Kee, 53, who smelled strongly of alcohol, according to the police report. Kee showed signs of intoxication on one field sobriety test, and failed to complete a second one, telling Guerrero that she could not do it because she had had too much to drink, according to the police report. Guerrero then placed Kee under arrest. Kee refused a breath test.

Vance Buntenbach

Nov. 9, 10:55 pm


GPD officer Andrew Thayer was driving eastbound on Aztec Avenue when he saw a vehicle waiting at a stop sign on Valentina Drive. The vehicle sped up and cut Thayer off when he approached the intersection, driving 35 mph in a 25 mph zone. Thayer made a traffic stop on East Highway 66, where he encountered Buntenbach, 26. Buntenbach appeared intoxicated, according to the police report, and was driving without a license due to a previous DWI. Buntenbach admitted to drinking one Four Loco and two shots of Union Jack prior to driving that night, according to the police report. Buntenbach performed poorly on all three field sobriety tests that Thayer administrated. Thayer placed Buntenbach under arrest, causing him to grow “belligerent,” according to the report. At the station, Buntenbach blew a .16 and a .15 on the breath test.

Norena A. Joe

Nov. 9, 6:41 pm

1st DWI, Aggravated

MCSO Sgt. Henio Elreno stopped Joe, 44, after seeing her drift between lanes. Elreno approached Joe on State Highway 118. Elreno smelled alcohol coming from the vehicle and found two cans of Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade in the center console cup holder, according to the police report. Joe failed a field sobriety test, and “was so intoxicated she had to be assisted into sheriff unit,” according to the report. Joe refused to take a breath test.

Leland Gordon

Nov. 9, 5:37 pm

2nd DWI, Aggravated

Gordon, 42, was taken to local hospitalafter attempting to pass a semi-truck on Interstate 40 and crashing into a guardrail. MCSO Dep. Jeff Branhurst, who was first at the scene, requested Sgt. Tammy Houghtaling meet him at the hospital as Gordon appeared intoxicated. Once at the hospital, Houghtaling smelled alcohol on Gordon, and Gordon admitted to “drinking all day,” according to the police report. Houghtaling could not administer field sobriety tests since Gordon had been transported to the hospital, and Gordon refused a blood draw test. Gordon was booked after his release from the hospital.