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Coach’s Korner: The prophecy of quitting (and how we overcome it), part one

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When you hear the word prophecy, it is generally related to an event that is certain to happen. When the Navajo medicine man spoke on KGAK about Saros 145, the most recent 100-year solar eclipse that moved across the United States in August, he spoke of the coming events in the form of a prophecy. The prophecy of quitting is based on a similar idea, meaning that what has happened before is likely to continue happening in our lives until we take the necessary actions to change it. However, in this case I would like to restrict the prophecy of quitting or giving up to the subject of health. If I should stray into something else, I ask your apologies in advance.

Let’s start with desire.

Most people are comfortable saying that they care about their health, and that they want to get into better shape and to lose weight. If you have ever been one of these people I would like you to listen to yourself say the phrase “I want to lose weight,” followed by the phrase “I will lose weight.” As you hear your words, notice that “I want” is a phrase with weak energy and no real conviction. When you consider how often we say that we want something yet never seem to get what we want, this is most likely because we don’t feel strongly enough about the goal. When it comes to turning our health around, “I want” is a phrase that will leave us at the starting line every time.

To change habits that consistently undermine your efforts to achieve goals related to health you need energy. I call this energy “desire.” Desire is a form of faith, a truthsayer’s drug that allows you to confront the words and thoughts you have concerning the things you would like to achieve. You see, there is one truth that is universal across the planet and that is, YOU GET WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MOST OF THE TIME. There is no right or wrong here, it is simply about desire. If getting healthy is a strong desire in your mind you will think about improving your health and these thoughts will manifest in the actions you take to do so.

If health is not important to you, stop right here. You don’t need to go any further because everything you do will reflect that health is not the priority for you. Remember, this too is okay. Everyone has a path in life.

If health is a priority for you, understand that desire is the tool that will help you navigate and combat the inevitable stressors that will occur in your life. To be clear, no habit is changed, or supreme goal achieved, without having to confront stress. Stress can take endless forms but usually takes the form of obstacles or challenges. But make no mistake; stress is a tool of the universe, a way of testing and proving how strongly you feel about your desire to change and achieve goals in life.

Overcoming the prophecy of quitting in our lives requires a step-by-step process. The first step is getting a clear picture in your mind of what you would like to achieve. Once you get a clear picture, the next step is to determine how strongly you feel about it. The strength of feeling we call desire. If your desire for the goal is weak don’t go any further because you will not have the strength to succeed. If your desire is strong then you are ready for the next step. We will discuss the next step to success in part two.

Remember, we get what we think about most of the time.

Coach G

Greg McNeil is a StrongFirst Instructor, Professional Strength & Conditioning coach, Licensed Clinical Counselor (LPCC), Life Coach, Author, and the owner of Gallup School of Strength (www.gallupschoolofstrength.com)

By Greg McNeil