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The legal limit is .08

Jonathan Tsosie

Oct. 28, 8:45 pm


Tsosie, 31, had rear ended another driver on State Highway 264. As McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Lorenzo Guerrero spoke to Tsosie, he “could smell the strong odor of an intoxicating liquor coming from his persons and breath,” according to the police report.

Tsosie admitted to drinking a six pack of Bud Light. He agreed to take field sobriety tests, and blew a .15 twice during the breath test.

Teodoso Rojo

Oct. 26, 2:10 am

DWI, Aggravated

MCSO Deputy Frank Villa, Jr. came to the aid of a Navajo Police Department officer in pursuit of Rojo on U.S. 491. Rojo wasn’t pulling over. Finally, with the added law enforcement pressure, Rojo finally pulled off at the 2.5 mile post on southbound 491. According to the report, Rojo was going 86 mph in a 55 mph zone.

When MCSO Deputy Frank Villa, Jr. ran the temporary tag on the Toyota Selora, it came back as a Toyota Camry. Rojo, 28, claimed that the vehicle belonged to his boyfriend who was sleeping at a hotel unknown to him.

He agreed to take field sobriety tests, but stopped midway. He also refused to take the breath test, earning the aggravated DWI charge.

Sheridan Paul Spencer

Oct. 21, 1:14 am


While MCSO Deputy Brandon Salazar was working DWI patrol, at around 1 am, he noticed the passenger of a black pickup truck toss something out the window. He pulled the vehicle over on Second Street, near Green Avenue.

Salazar noted in his report that Spencer, 27, seemed nervous. He noticed that his eyes were bloodshot and could smell the odor of booze. He did admit to drinking six beers earlier that day. When Spencer blew for his test, his results were .05/.06.

Travis R. Begay

Oct. 15, 2:53

1st DWI, Aggravated

A Navajo Police Department officer pulled over Begay’s vehicle after a short pursuit on U.S. 491. MCSO Deputy Nacona Clark arrived at the scene after 2 am with the knowledge that Begay was intoxicated.

A woman was in the driver’s seat, but told officers that Begay driving. He had her switch seats because he had a warrant for arrest. The woman told Clark that she wasn’t about to jeopardize her career as a nurse.

Begay agreed to take the field sobriety tests, but refused the breath tests.

Dwight Earl Bahe

July 21, 11:03 am


GPD Officer Steven Elridge was dispatched to 302 S. Second St. regarding some folks knocking back some alcoholic beverages in a black Lincoln Navigator outside of Camille’s Sidewalk Café. But the vehicle left the scene by the time he arrived. With the help of Community Service Aid Patrick Largo, Elridge caught up with the vehicle and followed it as it zigzagged eastbound down Aztec Avenue.

According to the report, when Elridge initiated the traffic stop on Cliff Drive, the driver, 29-year-old Bahe, still had the SUV in drive. Clark noted that there were several other individuals in the car, and Bahe smelled of booze.

He failed the field sobriety tests, and blew a .23 twice during the breath tests.

Jacqueline Ahasteen

July 20, 1:51 am


An eyewitness called police when they noticed a black vehicle crash into a fence off the 700 block of First Street. The witness said the vehicle then pulled into the driveway of a nearby residence.

GPD Officer Christian Vasquez was dispatched to the scene, and saw that the vehicle the witness described had sustained some damage.

When he knocked on the door, Ahasteen, 41, answered. Vasquez states in the report that Ahasteen had a difficult time opening the door and slurred her words.

She refused all testing.

Anthony Marrufo

July 14, 1:37 am

1st DWI, Aggravated

When GPD Officer Vasquez arrived at McDonald’s east, Marrufo was holding up the drive-thru to the fast food restaurant.

He was passed out, just like the call that Vasquez received had indicated. Another officer was trying to wake Marrufo up, and after some persuasion, he woke up. Vasquez stated in his report that Marrufo didn’t know where he was at, and claimed to have consumed only two beers, the report states.

He refused all testing.

Debbie Ann Kessler

July 12, 9:34 pm

5th DWI, Aggravated

GPD Officers Douglas Hoffman and a sergeant helped to nab this habitual drunk driver, near 1120 E. Hwy 66. She tried to get away, but wasn’t able to outsmart these officers.

In the vehicle were three open containers of Vodka, and two male passengers. Kessler showed the signs of intoxication and was barely able to walk after stepping out of the vehicle. She told Hoffman that she has bad knees.

Kessler complained about her knees as she took the field sobriety tests, which she didn’t pass, and she was placed under arrest. She has four prior DWI offenses in California.