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Wednesday, Jul 18th

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Weekly Police Activity Report

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The Gallup Police Department kept up their warrant business last week, and  the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office dealt with some school problems and some felony counts on their side of the jurisdictional line.

GPD Warrants

Allan Burke (Parole/Probation); Wilenger Charlie (Municipal Court-10); Debra Damon (Magistrate Court); Darrell D. Deschene (Agg. Battery); Duane R. Freeland (Municipal Court); Robert Gallegos (Municipal Court); Nathaniel Harding (Magistrate Court); Marcus Sean Henry (Magistrate Court-2); Akugeezhig Hudson (Municipal Court); Sonny James (Magistrate Court); Benson K. Joe (Magistrate Court); Robert Johnson (Parole/Probation); Paul S. Ration (Municipal Court); Terrance Sam (Magistrate Court); Jessica Sandoval (District Court); Shoshona Olive Smith (Magistrate Court); Sharon Tolina (Out of County); Benjamin Wheeler (District Court); Orlando Pat Williams (Out of County); Allyssa Ashley Yazzie (Out of County); Benny C. Yazzie (Municipal Court); Byron J. Yazzie (Out of County); Ned B. Yazzie (District Court); Leroy J. Yazzie Jr. (Magistrate Court); Lorenzo Yazzie (Out of County); Martin Yazzie, Jr. (Out of County); and Shawn Yazzie (Magistrate Court and District Court).

MCSO Warrants

Brandon Delgarito, Angel Lopez, and Timothy Ration.

A street robbery was attempted in the early afternoon hours last Wednesday, Sept. 6, in the Downtown Square. A 59-year-old male, identified tentatively as Allen (Lee) Manymules, and a 55-year old Maggie Begay, were approached by a Christopher Nez, 30, who reportedly demanded their money. After allegedly pushing the older male twice and then placing him in a choke hold, the thief walked away without a penny.

GPD Officer Cindy Romancito contacted Sgt. Bennie Gaona, the detective supervisor who ran background checks on all three parties. All had warrants for their arrest with Nez getting a new one for attempted robbery.

MCSO Deputies were called out three times, twice to Wingate about students breaking rules, and once to the home of an emotionally bothered Gallup High student.

Two 14-year olds decided they had enough of school and hitched a ride to Gallup from Wingate High. They were found at the Fox Run Golf Course and returned to the school.

A more serious incident occurred at Wingate High when a random check of a student’s room turned up a razor blade and a box of gang drawings. This student was returned to the family home in Navajo, N.M. and will face discipline at the school before being allowed re-entry.

The Gallup student was reportedly having a very bad week in school. Plagued by previous emotional bouts, he told the deputy that he has three F’s in Physical Science, History, and English, but four A’s and B’s in his other classes. The low grades made him ineligible for the football team, which only led to more depression.

Two larcenies were committed in the county, as a ‘customer’ at the Dead Horse Mustang tried to make off with two 4-packs of alcohol and a Gamerco woman reported that jewelry making tools taken from her front yard. The victim knew the two suspects, but only by name.

A local man received a check for payment of work he had done, but a closer inspection of the document revealed that it was probably an attempt at fraud.

Deputies also backed up the understaffed Navajo Police Department on three calls in their huge geographical area. All were handled as efficiently as possible. One involved a man who was assaulted in the Vanderwagen area who had been drinking enough that he didn’t remember the assault; a second was near Tohlakai, where a drunk and disorderly man was “tied up” by family members; and another incident of a drunken family member assaulting a female and his blind father with a baseball bat.

The drunken brother was taken to Gallup Detox and the Navajo Police Department was updated of the change.

By Tom Hartsock

Sun Correspondent