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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Gallup, June 28

Gallup Police Officer Richard Rangel said he was on patrol on U.S. Highway 66 when he noticed a car traveling with its headlights off. He began to follow the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop near 1310 E. Hwy. 66.

He talked to the driver, Nicholas Scott, 28, of White River, Ariz., who told him he was chasing someone who took money from him. As he talked, Rangel said he noticed signs that Scott might be intoxicated.

When asked if he had been drinking that day, he said he had a drink around 9 am, but admitted he felt buzzed since he had not eaten anything that day.

He agreed to take the standard field sobriety tests and had problems following directions, so he was arrested for DWI. A passenger in his car told Rangel that Scott had been drinking all day. Rangel also said there were two children inside the vehicle, ages one and five years.

Scott refused to take a breath alcohol test. He was charged with aggravated DWI along with two counts of child endangerment. Rangel said he made a report to the Children Youth and Families Department after Scott was booked.

Scott was released on his own recognizance by a judge.



Gallup, June 27

Andrea Chimoni was excited about moving into her new home until she found a man hiding in the bathroom.

The man, Jeffery Tsosie, 48, of Window Rock, Ariz., was charged with breaking and entering.

Gallup Police Officer Richard Rangel said he responded to a break in call about 8 am on June 27. When he got to the house on Gomez Drive, he found the two outside the residence. Tsosie said he was sorry for scaring the lady.

He said he thought his girlfriend still lived there and had gone inside to use the bathroom. When he heard a car in the driveway, he decided to hide in the bathroom.

Chimoni said she had just rented the house from Gallup Housing and had gone to look it over, when she discovered a back window had been broken. She also realized that the bathroom door, which she had left open the day before, was now closed.

She told Rangel she was so scared she didn’t want to move into the house or have her children stay there. Rangel suggested she share her concerns with Gallup Housing.

Tsosie was transported to McKinley County Adult Detention Center and booked on a charge of breaking and entering.

He was released on his own recognizance by a judge.



Gallup, June 25

A Laguna resident was charged with aggravated battery after using a tire iron on a drinking friend.

Gallup Police Officer Joe Roanhorse said he was dispatched to the house on North McKinley Drive on June 25 in reference to a fight.

When he got there, he met Kerrie Cheromiah, who told him her boyfriend, Buckskin Hohenstein, was inside bleeding from his head. Roanhorse said he went into the residence and found Hohenstein in a bedroom with blood on his face.

He also found Amy Cheromiah, 26, of Laguna, N.M., in the bedroom. She was holding a tire iron which she dropped on the floor when Roanhorse told her to do so. She was placed in handcuffs as Roanhorse began trying to learn what happened.

Kerrie Cheromiah said the three had been drinking when Amy Cheromiah and her boyfriend began arguing. Kerrie said Amy had been staying with them for a few weeks and the two didn’t get along.

Kerrie Cheromiah said she left the two arguing and went outside and sat in her car.

Hohenstein came out 15 minutes later and sat in the driver’s seat.

Amy Cheromiah followed a short time later and went up to the driver’s side door and began hitting Hohenstein over the head several times with a tire iron.

Hohenstein then went back into the house and Kerrie Cheromiah told Amy that if she tried to hit her with the tire iron, she would beat her up.

Kerrie Cheromiah said she then called police.

Amy was then taken to a local hospital for a medical clearance and to the county jail where she was booked on one charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Cheromiah was released on her own recognizance by a judge.