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Truck stolen from worksite

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McKinley County deputies took a Thoreau man into custody on Sept. 5 after it was reported that he had stolen a work vehicle.

The man, Josiah Pablo, 20, was later turned over to Navajo police because the alleged theft occurred on tribal land.

The vehicle, a white Ford, was reported stolen by Gary Ford, who works at the Northwest New Mexico Regional Solid Waste Authority.

Ford said he had driven up to the gates of the authority at the end of his work day and saw a man lying on the ground near the gate. He approached the man, who appeared to be highly intoxicated.

The man said he was going to see his grandfather. Ford told him he was in no condition to drive. The man got up, said Ford, and started running to Ford’s work vehicle. Ford said he yelled at him not to steal the vehicle, but he got inside and drove away.

Deputies also found another vehicle at the area around the gate, with an intoxicated man in the front passenger seat. They asked who was in the vehicle with him, but deputies said the man in the passenger seat mumbled a reply that no one could understand. He was transported to Gallup Detox.

A search of that vehicle turned up a pawn ticket for a Frankie Pablo.

A short time later, deputies responded to a domestic call on County Road 27. It turned out that the reporting party was complaining that his grandson, Josiah Pablo, was pushing him around. When deputies arrived, they found a white Ford parked in the driveway.

A check of the vehicle’s registration showed it to be the stolen vehicle. Josiah Pablo was also found at the scene and was taken into custody.