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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Mentmore, April 14

The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a report of a Mentmore man who said he is the victim of identity theft.

Matthew John told deputies that he had received statements from two loan companies that he has been approved for loans of $5,000 and $4,000. He said he also had received approval from a mail order company.

When asked how someone could have gotten his personal information, he said he lost his wallet containing his social security card in the mall four years ago. He said he also does personal business using his WIFI account.

When asked if this could have just been advertisements, he said no, they were actual loan approvals.


Gallup, April 14

Police are investigating a report of a counterfeit $5 dollar bill.

The complaining party told police he had received the bill from a clerk at the Family Dollar Store after he made a purchase. He said when he got home he noticed that the bill was counterfeit.

Police then contacted the store management who said they would tell their clerks to watch more closely at the bills they receive.

A close examination of the bill saw a number of things wrong with it, including the coloring and Chinese writing on it.


Gallup, April 12

Officials at JFK Middle School asked Gallup police to have their drug dogs do a search of several of the classrooms on April 12.

The students were told to leave the classrooms and leave their backpacks behind. The drug dogs then were sent into the rooms to detect any odors of drugs.

As a result of the search, marijuana, as well as a glass pipe, was discovered by the staff and three students were referred to juvenile authorities. The parents of the students were also contacted.


Gallup, April 12

A Rehoboth man was charged on April 12 with breaking and entering after the homeowners saw him leaving their home as they returned from an errand.

Jacqueline Cattanco and her grandson, John Cattanco, said they followed the man as they called police.

Gallup Police Officer John Gonzales said that he found the suspect, identified as Gabriel Johnson, 24, as he was standing on the corner of South Second Street. He said as he was talking to Johnson, he noticed that he was slurring his words and showing signs he was intoxicated.

Nothing was reported to have been stolen.

Gonzales also reported that as he was transporting Johnson to the county jail, Johnson continually kicked the cage to his K9 partner’s kennel.


Ganado, April 12

Fernando Evans, 39, of Ganado, was charged with breaking and entering after he reportedly broke into one of the mobile homes at Clayton Homes and locked himself inside.

When police arrived on the scene, they found one of the employees with Evans on the steps of one of the homes.

The employee said that she had gone to the home at the end of the day to lock it up but when she jiggled the door handle, she discovered it to be locked.  She said Evans then unlocked it from the inside.

Police checked the mobile home and found no damage and then arrested Evans after the employee said the company wanted to press charges.


Gallup, April 11

On April 11, Gallup Police were called to a home on Montoya Boulevard in connection with a report of a shots being fired.

When they got there, they found a hole in an outside wall. They then traced the path of the bullet as it went through several walls in the building. The projectile was later found in a crawl space.

The homeowner said the bullet was fired the day before when no one was in the house. Police have no suspects at this time.


Gallup, April 11

A Gallup man was charged on April 11 with possession of heroin after police picked him up for having four outstanding bench warrants from Gallup Municipal Court.

Gallup Police Officer John Gonzales said he asked Jonathan Mann, 25, if he had anything in his pockets and was told he had several needles in one pocket. Gonzales said he removed the needles carefully and found no residue on any of the needles.

As Mann was being transported to the county jail, Gonzales said Mann managed to slip his handcuffs from his back to his front.

According to the police report, the officer said that when he went to check on him, he discovered something in one of his hands. When he asked what it was, Mann dropped it.

Gonzales said when he checked on the item, it turned out to be a needle with a brown substance (heroin) inside.


Gallup, April 11

Gallup Police responded to a call on April 11 about a man inside one of the rooms at the Economy Inn on West Highway 66 with a gun.

When police arrived on scene, they found Robert L. Gorman, 37, of Gallup, inside one of the rooms. Police also found that the window to the room was broken and the screen had been removed.

Officer Richard Rangel said he saw Gorman inside and told him to come out. It took several requests, Rangel said, before Gorman left the room.

Gorman told police that he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend and threw a speaker through the window. He said his girlfriend then left the room and called police. Management at the motel, however, said the room had not been rented.

As for the gun, it turned it turned out to be a soft air gun that was not loaded.