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High school cross-country teams compete for state titles

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Rio Rancho was once again the site for the New Mexico State High School Cross-Country Championships Nov. 10.

Area schools from around the state competed for state titles and time records at Rio Rancho High School.

Participating high schools included Zuni, Thoreau, Navajo Pine, Miyamura, Shiprock and Grants, among others.

The event saw well over 75 schools and more than 2,500 visitors cheered the teams on.

The race course consisted of 3.1 miles over flat asphalt, uphill terrain and sandy areas where the runners pushed through the course toward the finish line.

As each school competed in their own category, team and individual times were recorded and trophies were distributed at the end.

Coaches ran alongside their runners, encouraging them — as did parents and friends.

Anticipation was high as the runners made their way into the Rio Rancho Rams Stadium to the sound of cheering onlookers.

Overall boys individual results:

A-2A - 1st Galvin Curley of Navajo Pine time 16:14.15

3A - 1st Epherem Zerai of Sandia Prep time 16:23.85

2nd Deshawan Goodwin of Zuni time 16:37.00

4A - 1st Kashon Harrison of Kirland Central time 15:27.35

4th Ty McCray of Miyamura time 16:10.60

5A - 1st Yonas Haile of Cleveland time 15:49.55

Overall boys team results:

A-2A - 1st Navajo Pine

3A - 1st Zuni

4A - 1st Los Alamos, 3rd Miyamra, 8th Gallup

5A - 1st Cleveland

Overall girls individual results:

A-2A - 1st Vanessa Dominquez of Pecos time 20:24.00

3A - 1st Skyler Gee of Sandia Prep time 20:15.10

3rd Amelia Johnson of Wingate time 20:23.35

4th Holly Tsosie of Thoreau time 20:33.95

4A - 1st Zoe Hunter of Albuquerque Academy time 18:56.60

5A - 1st Jasmine Turtle-Morales of Eldorado time 18:22.45

Overall girls team results:

A-2A - 1st Pecos

3A - 1st Robertson, 2nd Zuni, 8th Thoreau

4A - 1st Albuquerque Academy

5A - 1st Onate

By Dee Velasco

For the Sun