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Letter to the Editor: ‘We, The People’ need to vote

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It’s time to VOTE again.

Decisions that are made on our behalf from the local to the national level; taxes are raised without electorate input; Indigenous tribes and minorities are constantly being ostracized; the environment is being reduce to contaminated wastelands as a result of unrestrained mineral extraction operations; governments are being theologically politicized that are detrimental to America’s future and the separation between Church and State; unelected individuals with questionable backgrounds are being appointed to key positions; the U.S. Treasury is being raided for the purpose of lavish personal spending; the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and the International Standards of Due Process and The Rule of Law are being challenged on a regular basis by a renegade White House administration.

The right to disagree is shunned; the free press is called “The Enemy of The People”; immigrants are being deported from the Land of Ms. Liberty and asylum is being denied to children who are also being separated from their parents; the encouragement of hate groups is now U.S. presidential policy; the glorification of violence and the provocation of war against other foreign nations is called “diplomacy” while U.S. allies are discounted with their historical support of America’s world outreach and we are steadily moving towards a dangerous “deep state” of elite control of our cherished Democracy.

We, The People, can counter these massive efforts by a small group of individuals who seek to undermine our form of government that is “of, by, and for” the people by registering to vote and getting to the polls when the time comes. In McKinley County the upcoming primary election will be on June 05, and the Navajo Nation primary election will be on August 28, 2018.

Our involvement is of the greatest importance as the role we play as an informed electorate is the empowerment of our Democracy and oversight of all “lawmakers”, elected or appointed. Nominations are NOT the roots of freedom and militarism is NOT the Rule of Law. A proposed unprecedented military parade funded by U.S. Taxpayer’s hard-earned money should raise Red Flags as much as the mob rallies that end in the death of American citizens.

With Donald Trump’s fake news show disguised as “Press Conferences” and pushed as a popularity contest, the hatred-filled political ads are a call to all people everywhere to head to the polls and make the necessary changes; the current White House administration is in need of a regime change.

Voters must exercise their freedom and have their day with the casting of ballots and NOT give themselves to a misguided fortune if they choose to abdicate their responsibility. One vote can make the difference as has been shown repeatedly. The impact is felt when your loyalty to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is preferred over the lack of leadership and you take the helm at the polls.

A VOTE that reflects on the direction we go in as a nation and also guides all freedom-loving nations everywhere is needed. Please VOTE.

Mervyn Tilden

Church Rock, N.M.