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Tuesday, Feb 19th

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Giant east robber bested by K9 cop

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Jayco takes aim at suspect’s derrière

Jeffrey Denton thought he could get away with intimidating a Giant east clerk by shooting into the ceiling and making off with cash from the till, rolled coins, and some expensive bottles of liquor around 1 am Jan. 19.

Gallup Police Department Officer Chavo Chiscilly responded to the call. The clerk said the two men donned in black headed east as they exited the store.

Meanwhile, GPD Officer Adrian Quetawki reviewed the store’s video surveillance tapes and identified the suspect’s getaway car – a silver Chevy Impala with chrome rims. It wasn’t long before GPD Officer Justin Benally located the vehicle and noted that it was picking up speed as it headed into the Stagecoach area.

The driver pulled the Impala into a dirt lot, and a total of five people exited the vehicle and scattered in different directions. Three headed toward Chaparral Mobile Home Park, and two into the hills. Law enforcement showed up in force to search for suspects, including Sgt. Terrance Peyketewa and K9 Jayco.

With the help of night/thermal vision, Peyketewa and Jayco caught up with Denton, 33, near Aztec Avenue and Dani Drive. Peyketewa asked Denton to show his hands. He kept a right hand in his pocket, and refused to cooperate with police. K9 Jayco quickly diffused the tense situation. Denton “was bit twice on the butt cheeks” by Jayco, the warrant for arrest states.

A second man, Rory Yazzie, was found located near the First Church of the Nazarene, 1801 W. Highway 66. He too refused to cooperate with Peyketewa and Jayco, and the loyal K9 bit Yazzie’s right hand, quickly ending his attempt at a standoff.

The Impala was searched, and cops located seven penny rolls and a bottle of Tequila Casa Noble, which matches the description of one of the bottles of booze stolen from Giant.

Denton was book on the charges of armed robbery, aggravated fleeting from a law enforcement officer, tampering with evidence, conspiracy, and resisting, evading, or obstructing an officer.

He’s being held on no bond at the McKinley County Adult Detention Center.

By Babette Herrmann
Sun Editor