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Wednesday, Jun 20th

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Police Activity Report

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GPD Warrants

Rashid Ahmend (Magistrate Court), Renee Becenti (Parole/Probation), Christopher Begay (Municipal Court), Christopher Bitsilly (Magistrate Court), John Cabrera (Municipal Court-5), Johnathan John Casamero (Out of County), Ricky M. Chavirez (Magistrate Court), Myron G. Chischilly (Magistrate Court), Sarah R. Clauschee (District Court), Tommy Cordova (Magistrate Court-2), Rikki Ar Daniels (Magistrate Court), Bridgette Etsitty (Magistrate Court), Juston Joel Gasper (Parole/Probation), Nolan R. Healing (Municipal Court), Akugeezhig Hudson (District Court), Matthias Lee Joe (Municipal Court-3), Lyle Johnson (Municipal Court), Elroy Kiyite (Municipal Court), Darin M. Lewis (Magistrate Court), Drew C. Lonetree (Magistrate Court), Jamie J. Mahooty (Municipal Court), Casey Nelson (Magistrate Court), Mario Romero (Magistrate Court), Bobby Sandoval, Jr. (Magistrate Court), Tyler K. Wauneka (Municipal Court), Julian J. Willie (Magistrate Court), Alphonzo Wilson (Magistrate Court), and Ned Yazzie (Magistrate Court).

MCSO Warrants

Melvin Benally, Diane Billie, Rafealita Littleben, and Andre Toledo.


Three larcenies were reported last week, with cell phones being the big target. One was stolen from a student’s bag at Ramah High School and another was stolen by a 27 year-old who was still living with his mother. He had also been drinking. It was a Walmart pay as you go phone and the mother had been advised to have him leave numerous times. The third larceny was more brazen, if not more expensive. Two males had entered the Family Dollar Store in Yahtahey at the same time. One distracted the cashier while the other walked out of the business  with $55 worth of Bluetooth Speakers, a white Gildan T-shirt, and a pair of black ankle socks, worth altogether $69.75.

What amounted to a playground squabble broke out after school at the trailer park where the boys live. Both students attend Del Norte Elementary School and a pair of glasses were broken during the fight. “He said, (he) became the order of the day as both boys said the other started the fight. One of the grandmothers offered to pay for half the glasses but since there was two boys involved, that was her limit. No price was set on a new pair, however, and no agreement could be reached while the deputy was present.

A domestic dispute erupted in Jamestown when a man spent most of the day drinking while his girlfriend was working across the interstate at Denny’s. The boyfriend had two buddies to back him up and a general knowledge of cars, pulling two fuses from under the hood to prevent the vehicle from starting, stranding his girlfriend, who just wanted to leave. MCSO Deputy Monty Yazzie later found the two fuses and replaced them, making sure the vehicle started.

Yazzie straightened out most of the spat by chasing off the two friends, allowing the girlfriend back inside the house where her five month old baby, and some extra clothes were picked up for them as they left.

MCSO Deputy Nocona Clark was dispatched to a house in Ramah in reference to a neighbor shooting a dog. Tammy Neidhardt and her husband Jeffrey heard a gunshot early that morning followed by a dog yelp west of their house in a field area. Their black and white Labrador mix came into the house bleeding. The father and son drove him to the vet in Gallup for treatment. Tammy thought the shooter was from the direction where Shane Evans lived. Evans is known in the area for shooting dogs, according to Tammy Neidhardt. Shane denied shooting the dog and his wife backed up his alibi.

Bryce, aka Richard River, also denied doing the shooting but did say the Neidhardt’s dogs had attacked his horses on July 16, and showed the deputy pictures on his phone of the wounds they had suffered. After a few more give and takes, River did admit to shooting the dog because of what they had done to his horses, and agreed to write a statement for the deputy.

Two accidents with injuries, two without, a couple of burglaries, two other reports with arrests, six without including three for harassment and even one for littering in Williams Acres round out the rest of the reports.

By Tom Hartsock

Sun Correspondent