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Lady Bengals run the bases

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Sports scores for April 3 - April 24

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4/4 22-9 (L)  Gallup v. Kirtland Central

4/4 10-6 (L) Miyamura v. Aztec

4/4 11-8 (L) Navajo Pine @ Thoreau

4/4 10-0 (L)  Rehoboth Christian @ Tohatchi

4/9 13-8 (L) Miyamura v. Kirtland Central

4/9 1-0 (L) Tohatchi v. Zuni

4/10 17-7 (W) Thoreau @ Tohatchi

4/11 8-1 (L) Gallup v. Kirtland Central

4/11 10-6 (L) Miyamura v. Aztec

4/12 14-2 (L) Thoreau v. Laguna Acoma

4/13 9-0 (L) Gallup v. Bloomfield

4/13 11-7 (L) Rehoboth Christian v. Santa Fe Indian

4/16 2-1 (W) Gallup v. Shiprock

4/16 8-6 (L) Miyamura v. Bloomfield

4/16 Navajo Pine v. Fort Wingate

4/16 13-3 (L) Rehoboth Christian v. Sandia Prep

4/16 19-0 (L) Tohatchi v. Navajo Prep

4/18 13-3 (L) Gallup v...

Sports schedule for week of April 26

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4/26 Thoreau v. Zuni 5 pm Away

4/27 Navajo Pine v. Menaul/Oak Grove 1 pm  Home

4/27 Rehoboth Christian v. West Las Vegas 11 am Away

4/27 Tohatchi v. Chesterton Academy 2 pm Away

4/29 Navajo Pine v. Laguna Acoma 5 pm Home

4/30 Gallup v. Aztec 3 pm Home

4/30 Miyamura v. Shiprock 6 pm Home

4/30 Navajo Pine @ Rehoboth Christian 5 pm

4/30 Tohatchi v. Northwest 5 pm Home

5/1 Thoreau v. Fort Wingate 5 pm

5/2 Gallup v. Shiprock 3 pm Away

5/2 Miyamura v. Bloomfield 4 pm Away

5/2 Navajo Pine v. Northwest 5 pm



4/30 Gallup v. Aztec 5 pm Away

4/30 Miyamura v. Shiprock 3 pm Away

4/30 Rehoboth Christian v. Northwest 5 pm Away

5/1 Tohatchi v. Fort Wingate 5 pm...

Sports Quiz

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Name the 2011 WNBA Rookie of the Year who won four championships from 2011-17 with the Minnesota Lynx.

What Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver caught the game-winning touchdown in overtime to seal the Chiefs’s 25-22 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII?

What golf course on Long Island, New York, hosted the U.S. Open Championship in 1896, 1986, 1995, 2004 and 2018?

Tennis player Andre Agassi was married to what model/actress from 1997-99?

What motorsports track, site of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix beginning in 2012, is located in Austin, Texas?

Who was head coach of the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders when the team won Super Bowls XV and XVIII?

In 2002...

Star athletes of the week

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School: Crownpoint High

Name: Layla Pablo-Yazzie

Sport: Track and Field

Grade: Freshman

Layla is a shining example of a student-athlete who embodies positivity, dedication, and leadership both on and off the field. Layla approaches every workout, every practice, and activities with boundless enthusiasm and determination. One of the events she has performed very well in is javelin.


School: Ramah High

Name: Khloe Gibbons

Sport: Track and Field

Grade: Freshman

Khloe s a competitor and  always gives her best effort, even in events that aren’t particularly her strong suit, or even enjoyable to compete in. In addition to always trying her best, she is always positive and...

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