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National Night Out is about hope

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National Night Out is, on the periphery, a light-hearted event.

On Aug. 2, Gallupians gathered at the parking lot of Rio West Mall, chatted, ate free food, and explored things like the latest in fire and police equipment.

Grinning politicians made adorable speeches in an effort to boost neighborhood cohesiveness and their...

All lives matter

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Stay patient after GPD shooting

The July 24 early-morning fatal shooting of an armed Gallup man by local police demands a full and thorough investigation. The death of any citizen at the hands of a police officer is bound to produce strong emotions and a quest for the truth.

The matter also demands the community remain calm and patient.

The New Mexico State Police is piecing together the facts that culminated in the death of 29-year-old Alvin Sylversmythe at the Arnold Street public housing.

The Gallup Police Department immediately put the investigation in the hands of the NMSP to avoid bias, which is proper. The state police will take an independent look at what exactly happened...

Madame G guide to the starsWEEK OF JULY 29 – AUG. 4

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Dream BIG this month with Leo the lion’s help. The planet of communication (Mercury) lingers in Virgo. This lends credibility and logic to large projects. Madame G recommends using your resources. Get creative and be kind toward friends, family, and co-workers. Consider John Steinbeck’s wise words from Of Mice And Men: “Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other.” Give more than you take.


Aries (March 21-April 19)

Fear is the greatest enemy of the mind and spirit. Bravery is not the opposite or lack of fear, it’s merely resilience and persistence combined. In Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights, Lockwood, proclaims: “Terror made me cruel!”...

Makerspaces nurture business development by offering workspace, tools

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Uncertainty about the commercial viability of an innovation or idea — in addition to the cost of renting or buying the machinery needed to build a working prototype — has stifled many an entrepreneurial impulse. But the makerspace movement that’s gaining a foothold in several New Mexico communities is trying to change that.

Makerspaces offer access to expensive equipment and expert mentoring that innovators need to turn a concept into something tangible. Their advocates see them as cauldrons of entrepreneurism and economic development — as early-stage business incubators.

Nurturing creativity

New Mexico is home to half a dozen makerspaces, many of them only a few years...

To serve and protect?

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To the editor,

A headline says: “Knife-wielding man killed as he rushed Gallup Police.” It should have read: “Obviously drunk man staggers toward five or six Gallup Police and these half-dozen police, armed with batons, tasers, pistols — not to mention the fact that they outnumber this drunk six to one — were so in fear for their lives that they shot this drunk six times.”

Six police could easily have hit this drunk with six batons from all directions and taken this knife from one dizzy drunk (they were all sober) without killing him. Instead, their solution was to take this drunk’s life.

On the same front page, we are told that the officer who fired five bullets into a...

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