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Tuesday, May 17th

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Celebration of a positive future for New Mexico

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As 2021 comes to an end, I want to take a moment to celebrate something very positive and encouraging. At the end of December, the New Mexico state legislature passed a bill to make historic investments in our environment and public lands. Now, more than $40 million is on its way to pay for important land and water...

Daly’s look at, suggestions for 2021-22

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McKinley County has received millions of dollars and is using it for building and upgrading facilities. It is also being used to hire more teachers. We now have our full complement of teachers. The Gallup McKinley County Schools District is initiating a program to include parents in the educational process.

Historically, we have been ranked at the bottom for educational success. Now, we can watch our school district and expect substantial improvements in developing our most important asset, local human capital. If we invest in ourselves, we can’t lose.


In spite of the fact that New Mexico has had an 87 percent increase in deaths in the seven days...

2022 Tax Season will bring nice surprises for many New Mexico families

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At no other time of the year are we more generous than during the holiday season, as we shower those we love with gifts and make donations to those in need. But nearly two years of a global pandemic have put too many hard-working New Mexico families in a financial bind. If worries over lost wages and unpaid bills have dampened your holiday cheer, you may find that the new year will bring some long-needed good news.

When you file your tax return this winter, you may be in for a very nice surprise. Thanks to the leadership of state legislators and Governor Lujan Grisham, New Mexico enacted several improvements in two tax credits that help those New Mexicans who need it most.


Housing support here for New Mexico families

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By Justice C. Shannon Bacon, New Mexico Supreme Court; Tom Prettyman, New Mexico Legal Aid; Gene Vance, General Counsel, Apartment Association of New Mexico, Vance Chavez & Associates; and Karen J. Meyers, Attorney at Law

The pandemic has created difficulties for many New Mexico residents. It made new struggles and exacerbated others, including struggles with housing. Lost wages have meant many of our neighbors fell behind on housing and utility payments. Many fell so far behind they are at risk of being evicted with few options for new housing.

Fortunately, multiple efforts have been put into place to help address these needs. The most prominent of these is the federally funded...

Commemorate the holiday season

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Yá’át’ééh Keshmish. This season we rejoice in the blessings provided to us and reflect upon the long journey we traveled this year. During this time, we are reminded of our strength as one Navajo Nation to overcome this pandemic. We have seen unprecedented levels of community support for one another through our food distribution drives, wood hauling events, and all of us simply working together to help our neighbors.

It is through our traditional songs, ceremonies, and our protection prayers that sustains us as the largest Sovereign Nation in the United States. Our compassion and devoted faith is the shining strength and beauty of the Navajo people. We treasure the lessons the...

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