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Shortcut words: lazy or efficient?

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Americans like being the best at things. We’re the best at baseball, jazz, freedom, national parks—pretty much anything Ken Burns has already covered. Yes, living in the Land of Opportunity is glorious. Now, I’d like to award us (and, by us, I mean U.S.) a super-sized gold medal for smashing words together more...

Building a beautiful retirement

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The power of diversified portfolios with annuities

Regarding your retirement, few things are more exciting than picturing all the relaxing beach vacations, meaningful family time, and newfound hobbies you might enjoy. But here’s the catch: to make these dreams a reality, you’ve got to have the financial stability to back them up. Enter the world of diversified retirement portfolios.

First, let’s decode the term “diversified retirement portfolio.” Imagine a jigsaw puzzle. It has many pieces that contribute to the complete picture. Similarly, a diversified retirement portfolio combines different investment vehicles that provide income for your golden years.

Why is it so...

Playing a game of question tag

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I don’t know much about street art. I’m no graffitist (a person who does graffiti), but I do know that to “tag” something is when someone quickly spray paints a surface, or it can indicate how a graffiti artist signs his/her work. I know I’m breaking down basic graffiti terms mostly to win points with the Gen Z crowd. You can take that one to the Banksy!

I appreciate clothing companies that have stopped adding tags to their shirts. Instead of adding the tag, they print the size and washing instructions directly on the inside of the shirt. Just like that—no more back-of-the-neck irritation!

I’m glad someone finally figured that out. If there’s a sartorial equivalent of...

Annuities and America

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A historical journey since the Revolutionary War

As we delve into the history of annuities, an intriguing parallel emerges between these financial products and the journey of America since the Revolutionary War. From their early origins to their transformative impact on individuals’ lives, annuities have mirrored the growth and development of the United States, creating a fascinating historical connection.

THE BIRTH OF ANNUITIES AND AMERICA: In the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, America faced the challenge of supporting its veterans who had fought for independence. To address this, the federal government offered annuities—pension-like payments—to soldiers as a way to...

Spilling the tea on sentence fragments

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Blame it all on my British roots, but I’ve never preferred coffee. I like hanging out in coffee shops. I don’t mind smelling like I’ve hung out in a coffee shop all day. But, for me, I like tea.

Every morning I need my Barry’s Irish Breakfast Tea with a dash of milk and sugar. Without this, I will be a Grumpy Gus. Don’t give me Lipton or Twining’s — these are not the same.

In case you were wondering: yes, I do bring my preferred tea with me when I go out of town. And — while I like a good morning cuppa — I’ve never understood kombucha tea.

What is kombucha, anyway? I know you were already thinking about it. Kombucha sounds like either someone sneezing or the thing...

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