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Adjunct unemployment legislation advances

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Dear Editor,

We have two weeks to go, and AFT NM-supported legislation continues to move forward in the Legislature.

This update contains legislative action on two bills, plus another three bills which are slated for tomorrow and Monday.

Finally, we have added an additional category of bills we have been watching this...

What exactly is a beneficiary?

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When an individual purchases an annuity, they name one or more beneficiaries who will receive the benefits if something happens to them before the contract ends. This could be due to death, disability, or another event that would cause the individual to no longer need their income from the annuity.

The ultimate beneficiary of an annuity is the individual receiving the payments; however, there can also be additional beneficiaries. These can be named by the owner or automatically assigned through the contract. It’s essential to understand who these beneficiaries are and how they will be affected by the annuity payments to best plan for retirement income needs.

Primary Beneficiary: The...

There’s some extra pleonasm on your shirt

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In the Ghostbusters movies, the eponymous heroes blast ghosts and otherworldly beings with their proton packs, and the ghosts explode into a mess of slimy green ghost goo. This goo is called ectoplasm. I first encountered ectoplasm through Hi-C’s companion drink, Ecto Cooler, in elementary school whenever I brought my lunch. Ultimately, Ecto Cooler couldn’t hold a candle to the greatness of Kool-Aid Blasts and Capri Suns.

The late ’80s and early ‘90s were a wild time for brown-bagging it. Of course, my kids refer to anyone born before 2000 as people “born in the 1900s.”

On the theme of “words that end in ‘-asm,’” I’d like to discuss neoplasms. While...

IHS awards $24 million to expand, modernize small ambulatory health care facilities

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The Indian Health Service announced $24 million in funding to 12 tribes and tribal organizations on Feb. 20 as part of a competitive Small Ambulatory Program to invest in the construction, expansion or modernization of small ambulatory health care facilities.

“The IHS Small Ambulatory Program supports our tribal partners by expanding access to culturally appropriate, quality health care in an environment that promotes patient safety,” IHS Director Roselyn Tso said. “Small ambulatory health care facilities are a critical part of the Indian health system because they meet the diverse health care needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives.”

The tribes that received funding are...

High school graduation changes

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Dear Editor,

Welcome to week seven of nine of the 2023 Legislative Session. As we mentioned last week, many bills are “making the jump” from one chamber to another – such as HB 151, which cleared the NM House of Representatives Feb. 24. (HB 151 would extend unemployment benefits to non-tenure track faculty when class schedules are abruptly changed.)

We are still advocating around our AFT New Mexico-supported bills, and we are pleased to report two of those bills (HB 126/a and HB 181) advanced, while another HB 150 was tabled in the House Appropriations and Finance Committee.

While we want to see all our supported bills be enacted into law, there are always some worthy bills that...

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