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Civil asset forfeiture ban becomes law

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Starting July 1, cops in New Mexico can no longer take personal property without convicting someone, child predators will face tougher penalties and frozen powdered alcohol products are now recognized as being under state liquor control.

These are just a handful of the 62 laws passed earlier this year during the...

Red Lion hit twice by armed robbers

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For the second time this year, the Red Lion Hotel was robbed by an armed assailant, but this time the gunman fired at the clerk.

At about 1:46 am on morning of June 25, the call came into Metro Dispatch that Red Lion had been robbed. The hotel was previously hit on May 27.

That suspect was described as an African American male with light skin. This recent robbery suspect is described as a Caucasian male with dark hair and a mustache, about 5’6” medium build in the 20-30 age range.

According to Gallup Police Detective Tasheena Wilson, the clerk at the hotel described a possible vehicle as a white truck with a camper shell.

The man was armed with a gun.

“The guy got off a round...


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Jesse Begay, 52, Tohatchi, NM

Begay was arrested June 15 after being called into Metro Dispatch as a possible intoxicated driver. According to the report, filed by Gallup Police Department Officer Chanelle Preston, while she was at Wal-Mart looking for the vehicle, Lt. Edwin Yazzie spotted the vehicle getting onto I-40 going westbound from Munoz Overpass. Yazzie got the vehicle stopped at Love’s truck stop. Begay displayed several signs of intoxication and failed several field sobriety tests. His blood was drawn for a blood alcohol test to be performed. He was booked for DWI, failure to stop/yield at an intersection, registration, insurance and for his driver’s license...

Weekly Crime Blotter

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North side District

Jonathan Deschine, 26, of Saint Michael’s, Ariz. was on his way to Farmington, NM when he pulled over on Highway 608 to check his tire pressure. A pickup truck pulled up behind him and a Caucasian male got out of the vehicle, pointed a black pistol at him and took off with his Silver 2015 Subaru with an Ariz plate of BKK8972. As of June 30 the vehicle was still reported as stolen. Anyone with information is asked to call the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office at (505) 863-1410 or 911.

East side District

Matthew Morrison, 57, of Moorpark, CA (not the famous Glee actor) was driving on Interstate 40 when the wind blew a construction sign into the side of his...

Governor orders clean up of Kirtland fuel spill

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ALBUQUERQUE —Governor Susana Martinez announced that the U.S. Air Force is now pumping and treating water from a jet fuel leak first detected at Kirtland Air Force Base in 1999 July 1.

While previous administrations failed to hold the Air Force accountable, Martinez’s administration has worked closely with the Air Force to facilitate the clean-up.

“Protecting our precious water supply is non-negotiable,” Martinez said. “We have taken the necessary steps to begin addressing the Kirtland fuel spill when other administrations hesitated to engage with the problem. The U.S. Air Force has stepped up and done the work required by my Administration to begin remediating the plume of...

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